Get rid of bright LED lights with LightDims

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lightdims 01There are probably a good amount of gadgets around the house that have an obnoxiously bright LED–from your alarm clock to DVD player to television.  LightDims are designed to fit over the LED and reduce or eliminate the glare of the light.  LightDims are essentially just stickers.  Yes, a Hello Kitty sticker for 10 cents a sheet would probably work just as well, but LightDims are designed to be less noticeable and blend in with the electronics they’re used on–as long as the device in question is black.    A single sheet contains enough stickers for 100 uses of varying sizes.  It’s worth noting that these are stickers, not vinyl decals, so they are not reusable.  They come in two strengths: original, which blocks about 80% of the light and black out, which should block all light.  A single sheet of either variety of LightDims will run $6 and a package with a sheet of each is $10.

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  2. I’ve always just used auto tint sheets. They are cheap, effective, you can cut them to how you want them, and they stick decent.

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