PureGear PureBeats Premium In-Ear Headset Review

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Whenever I am reviewing headsets, I am always looking for thought in the design as well as function and comfort. PureGear’s PureBeats certainly has a fresh look.  But do they deliver quality sound or are they just another cheap in-ear headset that is over priced?

What is most notable is the cable. You won’t find yourself untangling these for half an hour like a lot of headsets. So even if you have to shove them into a small pocket for half a day, they unravel quite easily so that you can get to listening to your Beats.

PureBeats also includes an inline mic for hands-free calls also a button that acts as a send and end key as well as a play and pause button when listening to music. I was able to be heard clearly and the caller on the other end was able to hear me clearly as well, even though I could not hear myself, so it at first seems like the mic doesn’t work. But it does the job nicely.

With a name like PureBeats you have to expect great Bass. And I am happy to say they deliver. The Bass is ever present yet not over powering so as to drown the highs. I enjoyed listening to bass-heavy tracks while testing this headset for the past week. Though I wish the headset was a little louder. I found myself pressing the volume button constantly on my player only to realize it is already at its highest setting.

All in all, I enjoyed them. I think the 49.99 price point fits. I would recommend them for someone who doesn’t want to spend $100 or more on a in-ear headset. Or if you don’t want to spend a lot of time untangling or worrying about a shortage in one of the ears, you may want to check our PureGear PureBeats.

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Product Information

  • Tangle-Free cable and great Bass.
  • Wish they were a bit louder.

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