iPhone X

The iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and older iPhone models are the perfect gift giving category to consider this holiday season for friends and family who might have one of these popular smartphones. We’ve arranged our gift guide into sections and price for your shopping convenience. Click through to see our iPhone cases and accessories gift… Read More

Here’s something you don’t see every day. An iPhone case made out of blue jeans. Yes, you read that right I said blue jeans. The ‘Solid Denim’ iPhone case designed by the small UK company Mosevic, is made out of layers of denim that is infused with a carefully selected resin resulting in a composite material that… Read More

Even though I had many high end iPhone 7 cases to choose from, the case that protected my smartphone the longest in 2017 was the totallee $29 thin leather iPhone 7 case. I found its simple, minimalistic design perfect for protecting my iPhone from minor bumps and scrapes without taking anything away from the look and feel… Read More

Today’s the day Apple fan boys and fan girls have been waiting for. It’s the day ordinary people can get their hands on the iPhone X. And when I say “ordinary”, I really mean you because I didn’t order one like I had originally planned after watching the Apple iPhone X unveiling event back in… Read More

Whenever top-tier companies like LG, Samsung, and Apple roll out a new smartphone, my inbox starts bursting at the seams with emails from vendors who are excited to announce cases and accessories for the new devices. As you would guess, since this past Tuesday, I’ve been drowning in emails about new iPhone 8, 8 Plus… Read More

I left work early this afternoon just so I could go home and watch the iPhone X Apple event in real time instead of reading live streaming commentary from a big site like Gizmodo or The Verge. I started out watching it on my 12″ MacBook but a few minutes into it, I had a… Read More