totallee $29 thin leather iPhone X case review

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totallee iphoneX 1

Even though I had many high end iPhone 7 cases to choose from, the case that protected my smartphone the longest in 2017 was the totallee $29 thin leather iPhone 7 case. I found its simple, minimalistic design perfect for protecting my iPhone from minor bumps and scrapes without taking anything away from the look and feel of the device itself. So, when I decided I was going to upgrade to the iPhone X, I immediately checked to see if totallee was planning on creating a similar case for Apple’s latest & greatest. Thankfully they have and sent one my way for us to check out. 

Truth be told when you pull the totallee case out of its packaging it doesn’t really impress. Not at all actually… It feels very thin, plasticky, and flimsy. But once you insert your iPhone X into the case, it takes on a whole new personality. The totallee case feels great on the phone, adding grippability and protection without any added weight or bulk to the sleek and slim device.

totallee iphoneX frontback2

The case itself is made from polypropylene and is a mere 0.02″ thick, weighing in at 0.1 oz. The totallee leather iPhone case features an ultra-thin lambskin leather backing that is inset into the plastic. The case is perfectly fitted for the iPhone X, having a very tight fit with zero gaps whatsoever. totallee’s goal is to: keep your iPhone looking like an iPhone.

totallee iphoneX edge

The totallee case perfectly wraps around all sides of the X but does not extend above the screen. Which I actually prefer in a case so your thumb and fingers can flow/swipe on & off the screen without bumping into any edging. The case works well with a screen protector, as seen installed in this pic.

totallee iphoneX left

This case snaps-on the smartphone and covers/protects nearly all of the iPhone’s sides and back. Instead of push-throughs, the totallee case has well-fitted cutouts that allow access to the iPhone’s mute, volume, and power buttons. The buttons themselves are slightly recessed but are easily pressed when desired.

totallee iphoneX top

The case covers the entire top of the iPhone. The X’s camera bump is perfectly flush with the case.

totallee iphoneX right

The right side has a single cutout for the Siri/Apple Pay/power button.

totallee iphoneX bottom

The totallee case has a cutout for the lightning connector and speaker holes on its base.

totallee backs their cases with a hassle-free, 2-year warranty.

totallee iphoneX inhand

Like its siblings, the totallee $29 thin leather iPhone X case is great minimalistic protection for the latest and greatest iPhone on the market. This case adds little bulk or weight to your smartphone while providing decent protection from bumps, nicks, or scrapes. Though it wouldn’t add much drop or impact protection. The totallee case does not interfere with the iPhone X’s ability to wirelessly charge. Just like its predecessor: The totallee thin leather iPhone case is well made/engineered from solid materials, designed to keep your iPhone looking and feeling as Apple intended while adding grippability and protecting it from the outside world.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by totallee. Please visit their site for more info and Amazon to order one at a substantial discount.


Product Information

  • iPhone X
  • Excellent minimalistic design
  • Solid materials
  • Perfect fit
  • Protection from nicks, scrapes, bumps
  • Great value
  • Hassle-free, 2-year warranty
  • None

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