Gift Guide: iPhone cases and accessories

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The iPhone X, the iPhone 8, and older iPhone models are the perfect gift giving category to consider this holiday season for friends and family who might have one of these popular smartphones. We’ve arranged our gift guide into sections and price for your shopping convenience. Click through to see our iPhone cases and accessories gift guide.

iPhone cases

Price range $100+

isa crossbody phone case

Sena Isa Crossbody Leather Hand Bag

The Universal Isa Crossbody Leather Hand Bag lists several iPhone versions that it works with, but it is a universal case that works with most phones with screens up to 5.5″.  The Sena bag is made of quilted leather and has gold-finished hardware.  There’s a dedicated pocket for the phone, plus other pockets for keys, cards, wallets, and the rest of your kit.  It’s available in black or red for $129.95 from Sena.

Price: $129.95
Where you can buy one: Sena

vaja iphonex

Vaja Premium iPhone X cases

We’ve been writing about and reviewing Vaja cases for over 17 years. My very first (I think) Vaja case review was for the Palm V. If a company has been around for 17 years, you can assume that they know what they are doing and Vaja definitely does. They make high-quality luxury leather cases and offer the customer a myriad of customization options from color selection to leather type.

Price: $119 – $289
Where you can buy one: Vaja

Price range $50 – $100

apple iphone folio

Apple’s iPhone X Leather Folio

If you want to fully protect your new iPhone X, consider the sharp looking iPhone X Leather Folio which wraps the iPhone on all sides and also provides a cover to protect the display. The cover can even wake and sleep the phone when you open and close it.

Price: $99.00
Where you can buy one: Apple

Price range $10 – $50

totallee iphoneX 1

Totallee iPhone X case

Totallee cases (and I use the word case lightly) are the thinnest phone cases I’ve ever seen and used. They add just the right amount of grip to your iPhone to help you avoid dropping it. These cases won’t help soften impact if you do happen to drop your phone, but for everyday wear and tear avoidance, they have your iPhone covered.

Price: $29.00
Read our review:totallee $29 thin leather iPhone X case review
Where you can buy one: Amazon

platinum iphone x case

Platinum Genuine American Leather Folio Case for iPhone X

The Platinum Genuine American Leather Folio Case protects your iPhone X, front and back.  The phone is held in a hard PC shell for extra protection.  The interior is lined with microfiber, and the front flap has three card slots and a money pocket, so you can keep all your essentials with your iPhone X.  It’s slim and compact, for easy carrying.

Price: $49.99
Where you can buy one: Best Buy

mujjo cases

Mujjo leather cases

I think of Mujjo cases as a Vaja (see above) alternative for people on a budget. They don’t offer a lot of color selections, but their cases are made very well, look great, and provide good protection for drops and everyday abuse.

Price: $43 – $48
Read our review
: Mujjo Leather iPhone case review
Where you can buy one: Amazon

iPhone X and iPhone 8 wireless chargers

Price range $50 – $100

belkin boostup

Belkin BOOST UP Wireless Charging Pad

Wireless charging for iPhones has been a long time coming, but now that it’s finally here, you need a wireless charger like this one from Belkin. Once you have experienced wireless charging, you’ll wonder how you lived without it all these years.

Price: $59.99
Where you can buy one: Best Buy

tylt orb

TYLT ORB Wireless Charger

We haven’t had the opportunity to review this charger from TYLT, but we’ve reviewed some of their other wireless chargers in the past and I don’t have any problems recommending them for their design and functionality. This one is compatible with the new iPhone X and iPhone 8 devices and can fast charger newer Samsung Galaxy phones too.

Price: $49.99
Where you can buy one: TYLT

Price range $10 – $50

iottie qi

iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Wireless Qi Charging Station for the car

The iOttie Easy One Touch 4 Wireless Qi Charging Station for the car works with the new iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and any other Qi-wireless enabled device between 2.3″-3.3″.  The One Touch lock-and-release mounting system lets you mount your device with a one-finger push.  It comes with a USB cable to provide power to the charger, plus a dashboard pad for mounting to most dashboards (probably not leather nor vinyl, though).  The telescopic arm allows you to adjust the angle to best see your screen.

Price: $49.95
Where you can buy one: Amazon

iPhone screen protectors

Price range $10 – $50

belkin invisiglass iphone x

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra Screen Protection for iPhone X

Belkin InvisiGlass Ultra, made with Accessory Glass 2 by Corning, increases the scratch-resistance up to 3-5 times to protect your very expensive iPhone X.  A chemical Ion-Exchange process strengthens the ultra-thin (0.21mm) Aluminosilicate glass, so you’ll experience up to 25% increase in drop performance to prevent screen cracking or breakage.  And by the way, the Aluminosilicate glass is the same glass used in the windows of the space shuttles.

Price: $39.95
Where you can buy one: Apple

zagg iphone prot

ZAGG InvisibleShield HD Glass+ Screen Protector

Another option to protect your iPhone’s display is the popular tempered glass protector from ZAGG which has IonMatrix technology for impact-resistant shatter protection.

Price: $39.99
Where you can buy one: Best Buy

skinomo prot

Skinomi Tempered Tech Glass Screen Protector for Apple iPhone X

If you don’t want to spend $40 on a screen protector, you can be frugal and order a 3-pk of Skinomi protectors that have a 5-star rating on Amazon.

Price: $7.95
Where you can buy one: Amazon

iPhone miscellaneous accessories

Price range $100+

waterfield iphone camera bag

WaterField iPhone Camera Bag

Earlier this year, Julie announced WaterField’s new iPhone Camera bag.  This compact little pouch has room for an iPhone X, iPhone 8/8 Plus, and many other similarly-sized phones.  There’s also room for some add-on lenses, cables, and even straps on the bottom to hold a small tripod or monopod.  Check out Julie’s post or the WaterField site for more info and photos.

Price: $99 for ballistic nylon; $129 for leather
Read our post
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Where you can buy one: WaterField

dji gimbal

DJI OSMO Mobile Gimbal for iPhone

Vloggers who use their iPhone as their primary camera will flip over this combination selfie stick/gimbal that provides buttons on the handle that let you easily control cinematic video capture smoothly and effortlessly.

Price: $299.95
Where you can buy one: Amazon and Apple


Price range $50 – $100

mujjo leather touchscreen gloves 2

Mujjo Leather Touchscreen Gloves

When the weather turns cold and you start wearing gloves, you need a pair of special touchscreen compatible gloves if you want to be able to interact with your phone while wearing them. Mujjo offers a variety of touchscreen gloves including these leather gloves shown above which keep your hands warm and also allow you to use your phone.

Price: $97 and up
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Where you can buy one: Mujjo and Amazon


Price range $10 – $50

kenu stance

Kenu Stance tripod

The Kenu Stance is a small folding tripod you can carry on your keychain when it’s no being used and when needed, it attaches to the Lightning connector on your iPhone to provide a stable stand for posed selfies and video. It even has a built-in bottle opener.

Price: $19.95
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Where you can buy one: Amazon


Loopy Case

Loopy cases guarantee that you’ll never drop your phone again because they provide a handy loop for your finger. Just slide over your finger and you’ll have a secure grip on your phone no matter what you’re doing.

Price: $35.00
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Where you can buy one:

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