Mujjo full leather iPhone X case review

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mujjo leatheriphoneX boxes 1

Sigh… The tech-realist in me knows how breakable the iPhone X is. But I still prefer using any and all my tech-devices naked. From my iPad Pro to my 12″ MacBook to whatever smartphone I happen to be using, I enjoy using them as their industrial designers intended. In this case, the iPhone X is not only sandwiched in glass, it is extremely slippery as well…a combination that screams BRAKE ME. That said, I continue my search for a case that not only protects my iPhone but is designed in a way that makes me want to keep it on my smartphone. Let’s see if the Mujjo leather iPhone X cases can hold my interest enough to get the job done 😉 .

mujjo leatheriphoneX blackfrontback

The case is nicely fitted for the iPhone X, having a very tight fit along the curved edge where the case meets the stainless steel sides and front glass of the smartphone. So much so that once inside the case, it did take a bit of effort to remove the iPhone as I was swapping between cases for this review.

mujjo leatheriphoneX orangefrontback 1

Other than color, the only difference between the two Mujjo cases is the slipper pocket on the back that acts as a built-in minimalistic wallet.

mujjo leatheriphoneX blackinterior

The underlying case is wrapped in Mujjo’s signature premium full-grain leather. Their “in-mold” process enables them to create an extremely slim profile that “accentuates rather than conceals the iPhone X’s beautiful design“. And I have to agree, while they are not as barely-there as the totallee case I reviewed last month, the Mujjo cases are much nicer in quality and craftsmanship while maintaining the shape and form of the iPhone. The case interior is lined with very nice Japanese microfiber, a slim, super-strong, lightweight micro-fabric that provides “a sophisticated, satin-like finish, material that provides luxurious padded comfort for your iPhone X”.

mujjo leatheriphoneX leftblack

This case snaps onto the smartphone, covering and protecting nearly all of the iPhone’s sides and back. There are push-throughs for all the buttons and a cutout that allows access to the iPhone’s mute switch. The buttons themselves are easily pressed when desired and have a good tactile feel to them.

mujjo leatheriphoneX right

The right side has a single push-thru for the Siri/Apple Pay/power button.

mujjo leatheriphoneX baseblack

The base of the case has a single cutout that spans a majority of the base allowing access to the lightning connector and speaker holes.

mujjo leatheriphoneX top 1

The case covers the entire top of the iPhone.

mujjo leatheriphoneX blackcorner

As I said, the Mujjo case perfectly wraps around the sides, edges, and top of the X, extending less than 1mm above the screen protector, as seen installed in this pic. This slight lip works well to protect the iPhone X’s (gorgeous) screen.

mujjo leatheriphoneX orangebackedge

The iPhone X’s camera bump is slightly recessed providing greater protection. The wallet variant of Mujjo’s leather case can accommodate ID, a credit card or two, and a bit of cash.

mujjo leatheriphoneX blackinhand

The Mujjo cases feel great on the iPhone X, adding grippability and protection without adding much weight or bulk to the sleek and slim device. The premium full-grain leather looks & feels very nice with Mujjo’s promise of its signature vegetable-tanned leather aging with grace, acquiring a beautiful patina with the test of time.

The Mujjo iPhone X cases are available in: black, tan, gray, and olive.

mujjo leatheriphoneX lowkey


  • Well fitted for the iPhone X
  • Excellent craftsmanship and materials
  • Gives grippability to iPhone X
  • Reasonably priced


  • None

Final thoughts

Overall, I really like the Mujjo iPhone X cases’ craftsmanship, material quality, and simple minimalistic design.  Mujjo’s contemporary, sophisticated yet subdued design is very me and works well in any situation. The cases fit the iPhone X nicely, providing a decent amount of grippability and protection without adding much weight or bulk. So far, the black Mujjo case remains on my iPhone X and most likely will for the foreseeable future.

Price: $45.00 – $50.00
Where to buy: Mujjo
Source: The sample for this review was provided by Mujjo.

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  2. Have you tried the cases by Pitaka? Their website is They make a super thin carbon fiber(or something like that) case that I just love and have used on all of my phones. The case definitely is thin, and preserves the design of the phone.

  3. Hi Dave,
    With much respect, unless your iPhone is asking you to slow it down or to stop it, then it’s probably saying ‘BREAK ME…’.
    Excellent review all the same 🙂

    1. Very funny. If it wasn’t for spell checker and a few girl friends editing skills, I doubt I’d have any of my degrees. While better than I use to be, I’m horrible @speling.

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