I have been a writer for the-Gadgeteer a very long time and over the years I have developed a systematic process for doing reviews. I am pretty AR about order and method but occasionally an item gets left on my doorstep that causes me to throw out my rules and tear into the package like it's… Read More

I will admit, that along with being a gadget freak I am a tech geek. One item that has fascinated me since becoming fairly mainstream has been drones or quad copters. With several models now available and with varying features including video camera kits drones are becoming more than toys. Prices have started to come… Read More

It's too bad that we have to wait until next year for these cool Stranger Things vinyl POP! figurines from Funko! If you don't know what Stranger Things is, get your self over to Netflix right now and binge watch this very fun short series. It has all the best compontents of a great sci-fi… Read More

Do you want to stand out from the crowd? Then the battery powered Bluetooth LED glasses from Chemion will definitely do that for you. Let's take a look. Chemion LED glasses are Bluetooth enabled battery powered reflective LED glasses that are designed to display messages and animations. Chemion LED glasses 2 AAA batteries Drawstring carrying pouch Leash… Read More

I'm going to admit something right now that I'm not proud of... Ready? OK, here goes. I haven't played a live role playing game before. That's right, I have never played D&D games. Before you remove several points from my geek cred score, you have to remember, that I'm female and back when I was… Read More

SplashLight is a unique water blaster that shoots bioluminescent water by using the protein luciferin and protein enzyme luciferase in tablet form (BioToy calls the tablets reLumes) such that when inserted into the squirt gun and mixed with ordinary tap water it creates the bioluminescent water. SplashLight shoots a stream of up to 12 feet… Read More

Modarri offers toy race car kits that inspire creativity and building skills for kids and even adults (I don't judge). Instead of giving kids toys that they will tire of in a few days and end up in a landfill, you can give them a toy that they can change up anytime they like while… Read More

I don't fidget nearly as much as an adult as I did when I was a child, but I still love little toys like the Jumbo Noah Fidget Toy from Fidgetland. What the heck is a fidget toy you ask? Fidget toys can be the clicker in your pen or even an ordinary paperclip. It's… Read More

There are only nine days until Halloween. Do your kids have their trick or treating costumes picked out and do you have your Halloween party costume picked out? Don't give up, there is still time. You can head over to Amazon and check out their vast selection, including the Harley Quinn and Deadpool costumes shown… Read More

At first glance, this chess set looks a bit like the traditional Staunton set.  Upon closer inspection, you'll see that the pieces are actually formed by their names.  Even the newest beginner will have no trouble telling the queen from the king or the bishop from a pawn.  If you order these pieces, you'll need… Read More

This Star Trek-inspired quadcopter has four 3.5" diameter propellers for superior flight stability;  its "six-axis stabilization allows it to be tossed into the air and throttled up simultaneously".  The U.S.S. Enterprise Quadcopter  (15.5"  x 9.75"  x 4.25", 4 ounces) is designed to look like the Enterprise of the 1979 movie, and it has ten LEDs… Read More

It's the middle of October, and my thoughts have turned to all the gifts I have to get before Christmas this year.  While searching for ideas, I saw that LEGO is releasing a 550-piece Beatles' Yellow Submarine set complete with the submarine and all four Beatles plus another figure on November 1 for $60.  (source… Read More

Galaxy ZEGA tank game review

I've always loved remote controlled toys, and my son (age 10) has always had a fascination with tanks.  Recently he made a Lego tank of his own design, complete with the treads.  When I saw the Galaxy ZEGA remote control tank game, I knew I had to give it a try. I had never heard of… Read More

The new No Starch Press: Geeky LEGO Crafts 21 Fun and Quirky Projects by David Scarfe will turn you into the Martha Stewart of LEGO. This 128-page book full-color hardback book features step by step instructions for 21 kooky and useful items that you can build with LEGO bricks. Some of the crafts include mounted… Read More

Drone racing is the new RC toy past time for geeks and RC enthusiasts. The Rogue "Beta" FPV (first person view) drone from xCraft is not only wild looking, but this drone is wild in the air too. The Rogue flies like regular racing drones, but when you're ready to really fly, you just flip… Read More