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When I play music on my ukulele, I'm usually doing so in front of my computer, which I use to display the sheet music. I have a large collection of songs that are in .PDF and .TXT formats. There's one problem that I have been trying to solve for a long time, how to flip [...]

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The nifti iPhone 6 Selfie Case with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button makes taking selfies easier.  With the camera remote, you don't have to worry jiggling the camera while you touch the on-screen shutter button after you get everything nicely framed.  Of course, since the remote will work from up to 30 feet away, you can [...]

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We have an Apple TV, and we love watching programming with it.   In keeping with the Apple design ethic, the device and its remote are both sleek and minimal.  Despite only having two buttons and a 5-way navigation control, the remote works well for selecting and controlling programming - until you need to enter [...]

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iLuv has created a new product category called "PROTECHnology by combining outstanding protection with intuitive technology."  These Selfy cases not only protect your phone with a dual layer of shock-absorbing TPU and impact-resistant polycarbonate, but they incorporate a wireless remote control for the camera's phone.  You'll be able to take pictures and videos with you [...]

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The E-Blue Web@TV Wireless Keyboard Touchpad with Remote Control from Brando is a handheld remote for your computer that has every feature you could ever want in a remote. It supports Windows 8, Android, Mac, and PlayStation 3, allowing you to surf the web from your couch on your big screen TV or control a [...]

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Last Winter Dave and his son (AKA The Gadgeteer Kid) reviewed the Sphero ball, which they found fun to play with, but were not convinced that it was worth the $130 price tag. A new version of this remote controlled toy has just been announced - the Sphero 2.0. What's different? It's now 2x faster [...]

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If remote controlled helicopters, planes and cars no longer give you a thrill, you should check out the NanoBlimp from Plantraco. This tiny blimp kit comes with a standard party balloon and a gondola that has 3 motors/propellers that you can control for navigation. Also included is a two-stick proportional transmitter/charger and 10 latex balloons. [...]

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Desk Pet TankBot

One of my all-time favorite adult toys is the Plantraco Desktop Rover (I have the 'pre-laser tag' version, and sadly, they do not seem to sell this anymore. I liked it because it was a device I could play with on a desktop (hence the clever name) and imagine it being a Mars rover, or [...]

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One of the common challenges in the living room is to find the remote control. What if we could use our hands to control the TV, then we would always have a remote control in hand. This is the technology that PrimeSense is trying to drive. We know PrimeSense as the technology behind Xbox Kinect. [...]

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Kymera Magic Wand Review


  Since becoming part of team here at The-Gadgeeter, I've had the chance to review some fantastic gadgets.  However, this has to be one of the coolest gadgets I've ever had the privilege of reviewing. It's called the Kymera Magic Wand, from The Wand Company, which is a true work of art.  Not only does it look [...]

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