Using your hands to control the TV

Asus XtionOne of the common challenges in the living room is to find the remote control. What if we could use our hands to control the TV, then we would always have a remote control in hand. This is the technology that PrimeSense is trying to drive. We know PrimeSense as the technology behind Xbox Kinect. However, PrimeSense technology is not only for games. Microsoft showed how to use the Xbox Kinect for controlling the media you have on the Xbox (like, Hulu plus and Netflix). In addition to that, PrimeSense will work with Asus to introduce the Wavi Xtion, which will enable you to play content from the PC on the TV and control it with your hands. If this technology succeeds, then we might soon see the PrimeSense technology in the Apple TV, Roku or the cable boxes.

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