Sideclick universal remote for Roku review

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I enjoy using my Roku for watching Netflix and Amazon Prime movies and TV shows. If you would have asked me a few weeks ago if I could think of something to make the Roku better than it is, I wouldn’t have been able to come up with any ideas. That’s until I saw the Sideclick remote add-on for the Roku’s remote control. Now my Roku experience is pretty much perfect. Let me show you.

What is it?

The Sideclick is a universal learning remote that clips to the side of your existing Roku remote control. It adds eight programmable buttons that don’t exist on the Roku remote. These buttons can be programmed to control the volume on your TV, switch TV channels, etc. The Sideclick is compatible with Roku 1, 2, 3, 4, SE and the Roku Stick. There are also clips that allow you to connect the Sideclick to an Apple TV remote, Amazon Fire TV/TV stick remote and a Google Nexus Player remote.

What’s in the package?


Sideclick universal learning remote
4 Roku adapter clips
2 AAA batteries
User guide

Design and features


The Sideclick is a narrow remote with eight labeled buttons that are made of rubber.


There’s a battery cover on the bottom that opens to reveal the battery compartment. Included with the Sideclick are 2 AAA batteries which are easily installed.


The Sideclick also comes with four adapter clips. The adapters are slightly different to accommodate the changes in the Roku remote from generation to generation. I tried each one till I found the one that fit the remote from my 5-year-old Roku 2 XS.


The clip snaps on to the right edge of the Sideclick like you see above.


Then the Roku remote snaps into the Sideclick clip to create one remote with extra buttons. The connection between the two remotes is strong and stable and does not feel like it will fall apart or shift with use.


This is the way it looks on the bottom.

Programming the buttons


Programming the buttons on the Sideclick is very easy. You just line up the remotes like you see above, then you hold down the power button and the B button on the Sideclick until the LED on the Sideclick starts flashing. Then you press the Sideclick button that you want to program and then the button on the other remote that you want it to learn. That’s it. I programmed volume buttons and source buttons so I wouldn’t have to pull out my AV receiver remote when I wanted to watch the Roku instead of DirecTV. Now I just grab the Roku with the Sideclick, press the button that I assigned to switch to the Roku source and I’m good to go. I can also change the volume now instead of using another remote. When I’m done I can press the other source button I programmed to switch back to the DirecTV box.

Using the Sideclick to control the Roku


I really like having the extra functions added to the Roku remote. It did take me a little while to get used to the feel of the wider remote, but that wasn’t a big deal. Now it just feels normal.

I had no problem with the range of the Sideclick remote. Pressing the programmed buttons issued the commands just like the original remote.

Final thoughts

The Sideclick made me love my Roku even more than I already did. It’s a great little add-on that is easy to setup and adds extra capability and convenience to my TV watching time. Remote juggling while using the Roku is a thing of the past for me. Thanks Sideclick!

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Sideclick. Please visit their site for more info and Best Buy to order.


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  2. Been using 2 of these that I got a couple of months ago. They are the ticket to an awesome Roku and TV combo remote experience.

  3. This was the only Kickstarter that I’ve ever backed – and they didn’t meet their goal. I saw when this was released, and I looked then and again today on Amazon for one. They have them on Amazon for the Nexus and Apple TV, but not for the Roku, strangely enough.

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