Taking selfies is easier with this iPhone 6 case with built-in camera remote


The nifti iPhone 6 Selfie Case with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button makes taking selfies easier.  With the camera remote, you don’t have to worry jiggling the camera while you touch the on-screen shutter button after you get everything nicely framed.  Of course, since the remote will work from up to 30 feet away, you can use it to snap candids of any event.  Although it fits into the iPhone 6 case, the Bluetooth remote can work to control other iOS devices as well as Android phones and tablets.  You don’t need an app to use the remote – just pair it with a Bluetooth-enabled device.  The case will protect your iPhone 6, too, and will leave all controls and connectors open for easy access.  The nifti iPhone 6 Selfie Case with Bluetooth Remote Shutter Button is $23.75 at Amazon.

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