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Survival Pucks Compact Emergency Kits

on Thursday, September 4th, 2014

Each of these little 3.25″ diameter X 1.1″ thick canisters contain emergency supplies.  The containers are made of 5000-series aluminum and have knurled screw-on lids; they are waterproof and have waterproof labels.  When you pull the label off, the the lid is a serviceable signal mirror.  What’s inside these little canisters are the kits that canRead More…


This purse and wallet are doubly theft-proof

on Friday, August 29th, 2014
Posted in: Bags, News, Travel Gear

Travelon, as you can guess from the name, makes great bags for traveling – around town or around the world.  This particular wallet and bag combination is perfect for protecting your valuables and your personal data as you go about your daily travels.  The Travelon Anti-Theft Convertible Hobo with RFID Blocking Wallet are made of 100% polyester.Read More…


Tempo wearable monitor for seniors helps you keep a discreet eye on your elderly relatives

on Tuesday, August 26th, 2014

Do you have an aging parent or relative who wants to live on their own, but you are concerned about fading health?  They don’t want to live with you or in an assisted living facility, but you’d like a way to know what is happening with them on a daily basis?  There are various monitoring devicesRead More…


Protect yourself with the Your Personal Drink ID

on Thursday, July 24th, 2014

My daughter is leaving for college soon, and I reminded her of two things:  1) She’s too young to drink alcoholic beverages, and 2) never drink anything at a party or gathering unless she broke the seal on the bottle or can herself and it has never left her hand and her direct sight.  TooRead More…


Signal your intentions with the Biking Glowes

on Friday, July 18th, 2014

Bicycles don’t usually come with lights on them, and the add-on kits are usually either reflectors or lights that just alert drivers that someone is cycling in front of them.  During the day, you can use the hand signals you learned in driver’s ed classes to indicate when you will be making a turn, butRead More…


Anti-Theft cross-body gear bag for women

on Monday, May 12th, 2014
Posted in: Bags, News, Travel Gear

This cross-body bag from Travelon is big enough, and has a padded pocket for, an iPad or similarly-sized tablet, plus it has room for your other daily gear.  This main compartment locks, to make it harder for a pickpocket to quickly grab things out of your bag.  The Anti-Theft Signature Cross-Body Bag has other featuresRead More…


These light-up shoes are for adults

on Saturday, April 19th, 2014

If you walk/run, ride a bike, or do other outdoor activities at night, you need to make sure you’re visible to motorists.  There’s a lot of reflective clothing on the market, but they may not suit you for one reason or another.  With the PowerSpurz from 4id, you can add lights to your own shoes,Read More…


A place to hide a spare key that’s not a plastic rock

on Friday, March 7th, 2014
Posted in: Home, Kitchen, News

Having a spare key available in case you lose yours is a good idea, but not so good if you just “hide” the key under the door mat or in one of those plastic rocks that just scream “key inside!”.  The Sprinkler Head Hide-a-Key will blend in with the other sprinkler heads in your landscaping,Read More…


Personal security alarms go high fashion

on Sunday, February 23rd, 2014
Posted in: Gear, News

Coming in Fall 2014, this line of jewelry from Cuff will allow you to create a safety link between you and your loved ones.  Each piece of jewelry incorporates the CuffLinc wireless device that connects with an app running on your iOS device that can send an alarm and a location to your loved ones.Read More…


Happy – and safe – trails to you with these Tail Lights

on Monday, December 16th, 2013

I always cringe a little when I’m driving along and see horses and riders sharing the road.  It’s not because I don’t like horses or don’t want to share the road.  It’s because I’m always afraid that something will happen and a horse or rider will be injured or worse because someone in a carRead More…


Increase your safety by adding turn signals to you bicycle

on Friday, November 8th, 2013

Attach the Wireless Bicycle Turn Signal from Fancy to the post under the seat of your bike, and you’ll increase your visibility and safety.  A wireless push-button controller mounts on the handlebars controls the left/right turn signals and the hazard/safety mode.  The ultra-bright LEDs and an audible alarm ensures that others are aware of yourRead More…


Addalock increases your security when you travel

on Thursday, October 24th, 2013

I’m still researching home security and door locks, and I stumbled upon the Addalock at Amazon.  The Addalock fits between the door and jamb and prevents the door from opening easily.  It’s made of chrome-plated carbon steel, and it’s for use with any door that is hinged and opens inwards.  It’s designed to increase theRead More…


Hear your music and ambient sounds with the Fuser

on Monday, August 19th, 2013

Listening to music with headphones or earbuds provides you with entertainment but isolates you from the world.  If you’re relaxing safely at home, a little isolation might be a welcome thing, but it’s not a good idea when walking or exercising outdoors or when working.  If you plug the Fuser from Olens Technology between yourRead More…


The FiLIP is a smartwatch and GPS locator designed just for kids

on Wednesday, August 7th, 2013
Posted in: Kid Gadgets, News

My daughter has had a cellphone since the third grade.  She didn’t get to keep it with her at all times; it was just for her to take along on overnight school trips, and it was a way to be sure she could reach us whenever she wanted when one of us couldn’t go along.Read More…


The CLIP innovative personal alarm

on Monday, August 5th, 2013
Posted in: Gear, News

I’ve been concentrating on increasing the security of my home recently, but I should never forget about personal security.  The CLIP personal alarm from Unikia looks like an easy-to-use method of discouraging an attacker.  You clip the CLIP to your clothing or bag, and should you ever need it, you activate the alarm by simplyRead More…


This accessory for iOS devices tests your alcohol level

on Saturday, March 9th, 2013

I’ve seen little devices like this before, but this one apparently has a Lightning connector to work with the newest generation of iOS devices.  The Alcohol Tester for iPhone 5, 5th-gen iPod touch, iPad 4, and the iPad mini needs no apps to work; you just plug it in to the Apple device and it’sRead More…


EmergencyLink could save your life, or the life of a loved one

on Monday, February 4th, 2013

There are various methods of making emergency medical information available in case you are injured and can’t talk for yourself, but they don’t always have information about notifying your emergency contacts.  With EmergencyLink, information for the people you need to be notified immediately in case of emergency is included with your account, and they’ll beRead More…


Pepper Spray phone case – iProtection with your iPhone

on Monday, November 19th, 2012

Do you carry around some form of personal protection with you where ever you go? Well we carry our phones with us everywhere we go, so why carry two devices?  USA-based Spraytect has released the Pepper Spray Phone case for the iPhone 4 and 4s. It’s available in black, white, turquoise and pink, and a pepperRead More…


iSafe Bags Announces New Urban Crew Line of Personal Security Backpacks

on Monday, June 11th, 2012
Posted in: Bags, News

iSafe Bags are “the only full-featured bags on the market that include a mobile personal alarm system to protect the wearer, provide potentially life-saving security and added peace of mind for children, students, parents and business commuters or travelers.”  They are expanding their line with the new Urban Crew Campus Laptop Backpack.  This laptop bagRead More…

Screen Shot 2012-04-23 at 9.56.37 AM

Teach Your Kids How to Safely Use Social Sites

on Monday, April 23rd, 2012

Call me old fashioned, but my daughter didn’t have a Facebook account until she was 15.  Kids as young as 13 are allowed on Facebook, and there used to be (probably still are) some websites designed specifically for even younger kids.  Carnegie Mellon University and Web Wise Kids have worked together to create the BeSeenRead More…


Get-Back Mini GPS Review

on Monday, October 31st, 2011
Posted in: GPS, Outdoor Gear, Reviews

My wife tells me I suffer from early onset C.R.S., so when the opportunity arose to review the Get-Back Mini GPS from Brunton, I jumped at it.  Here’s a device that should keep me from getting lost in parking lots and in the back woods of our summer home.  Now I won’t have to rely upon myRead More…


Let Your Gear Bag Help Keep You Safe

on Friday, October 14th, 2011
Posted in: Gear, News

No matter what you’re doing – hiking, shopping, going to school or work – you’ll probably need a bag to carry your stuff, and you’ll need to give a thought to your personal safety.  iSafe Bags has just announced a waist pack with a personal security alarm built in.  They say the iSafe Waist Pack “isRead More…


RingCentral Launches RingShuffle to Give People Instant Temporary Phone Numbers

on Wednesday, September 14th, 2011

Selling something on Craigslist?  Meet somebody new but want to check them out first before making a decision?  These are situations where you might want to give someone a phone number so they can contact you, but you don’t want to be stuck with them having your number forever if you change your mind.  WithRead More…


Dog Dazer Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent

on Thursday, September 2nd, 2010
Posted in: News, Pet Gadgets

After reading Robin’s post yesterday about her dog being attacked by off-leash dogs, I remembered seeing the Dog Dazer while surfing the Sky Mall site.  The Dog Dazer emits a high-frequency sound that’s painful to dog’s ears, but inaudible to humans.  Use a 1-2 second burst to startle and hopefully deter a threatening dog fromRead More…


Cavius 4-in-1 Personal Safety Device

on Wednesday, April 21st, 2010
Posted in: Gear, Home, Kitchen, News

Cavius makes a compact, easy-to-use travel alarm.  The Cavius has a 130-decibel alarm that offers 4-way protection.  It acts as an optical smoke detector, for extra protection while staying in a hotel or anywhere that seems to be lacking adequate smoke detectors.  Activate it while attached to your handbag, laptop bag, or luggage, and the alarm willRead More…