One of the things taught in women’s self-defense classes is to put your keys between your fingers and use them as a stabbing tool if you are ever attacked.  If you fix your keys between your fingers before you ever open that door, you’ll be ready, but it’s not always so quickly done if you… Read More

If you ever find yourself in a sketchy situation where you feel threatened by bodily harm, the Fab Defense “Gotcha” Cap Less-Lethal Self-Defense Tool may help you escape. The Gotcha cap looks like an ordinary cloth baseball cap, which comes in five different colors and has an area on the front to attach your favorite… Read More

The Safe+ Hit Personal Alarm from Unikia puts peace of mind right on your keychain. It features a plastic tube that has a built in audible alarm that can be activated with a press of a button. If a weapon is required, a quick yank of the attached key will turn the tube into a… Read More

The Shomer-Tec Sap Cap may look like a regular baseball cap, but it’s really a self-defense “weapon” that you happen to wear on your head. The fact that it looks exactly like an ordinary cap means attention won’t be drawn to it. Hidden in the back is a special pocket that holds a pouch of metallic… Read More

Here we have a 15 inch long anodized aluminum self defense baton that is shaped like a baseball bat. A 200 Lumen LED flashight is built into the business end of the bat. A clicky switch is located in the handle and features 3 light modes (high, low and tactical strobe settings) which can temporarily… Read More

For the third time in a month, my dog has been attacked by other dogs (unleashed) while out on our walks.  I started carrying a pepper sprayer after the second incident but this last time I could not get it whipped out fast enough, determine where the nozzle was, and could not fumble for the… Read More

Don’t let the Orange color or toy-like appearance fool you. The Kimber Lifeact JPX pepper spray gun is a serious self-defense weapon. It can fire exceptionally potent liquid pepper spray at 270 mph with an effective distance of 23 feet. The JPX has two cartridge slots and is reloadable. They have a standard and laser… Read More