This ring doubles as a close contact self-defense weapon

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knockout 4

NEWS – What you see here is a piece of contemporary styled jewelry made of lucite (also available in silver) that you can wear to feel fancy and use as a weapon if the need arises.

knockout 2

Wear it with the flat surface on top and if things go sideways, use your next finger to swivel the ring around so that the corner is facing up. The sharp corners will definitely inflict some pain if you aim for the face.

knockout 1

The Knockout rings are available in a variety of colors and shapes for the silver versions. Prices range from $40 for the lucite version and up to $160 for the silver versions. Head over to for more info and to The Grommet to buy one.

7 thoughts on “This ring doubles as a close contact self-defense weapon”

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  2. Looks like it would break your knuckle.

    Also illegal in Canada.

    If you don’t already know how to fight, don’t intend to use a weapon. Your attacker will probably just take it from you and use it on you.

    And if you do know how to fight, you don’t need a “self-defense ring”

    Seriously, this kind of post just seems irresponsible?

    1. Most women feel unsafe walking alone at night. This would make me feel a lot better knowing I could scratch someone and get out of a bad situation – not try to have a fight 🙄. I also don’t think an attacker could take your ring off your hand to use against you… cool product!

  3. @barnaclebob Clearly you have no women in your life who you love or who love you. If you did they would have told you about all the times they’ve clenched their keys between their fingers with the sharp end out when in vulnerable situations. This is no different, and looks a whole lot better.

    1. While not an expert, I’ve taken some karate and Brazilian jiu jitsu. The various ways I’ve had my tail kicked in fighting scenarios make me forever doubt some of the close-in ‘old wives/young husbands’ tales that have been around for ages.

      There are many cases in which police OC spray fails, when Tazers fail, when police .40 cal bullets fail. Keys between your fingers will probably get your hand seriously cut. Carry a combination lock to use as a ‘brass knuckle’ maybe. A brand-name fixed blade knife you take training to learn to use, or a firearm, subject to your local and state laws, for which you get continuous training, and the wolf vs sheep mentality, go farther toward insuring successful outcomes vs an attacker.

      And by the way, Julie runs a gadget site. Articles don’t imply efficacy or endorsement for use. News is news.

    2. Fake self-defense products marketed to people who don’t know any better are exploitive and dangerous.

      The worst thing to be selling to vulnerable women is something that gives them false confidence and therefore puts them in increased danger.

      A sharp plastic ring, employed by someone with no training or experience in combatives, is as likely to enrage an attacker as to be of no effect at all.

      The designer quotes no experience with self-defense, and admits that her designs are aesthetic in nature.

      False confidence being sold at a profit to the scared and vulnerable. This is America.

      1. I would recommend martial arts over this ring. The attacker can’t take your hands and feet, and use them against you. Plus it is good for exercise and balance. The downside is that it takes time and effort.

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