Self defense baseball bat doubles as a flashlight

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Here we have a 15 inch long anodized aluminum self defense baton that is shaped like a baseball bat. A 200 Lumen LED flashight is built into the business end of the bat. A clicky switch is located in the handle and features 3 light modes (high, low and tactical strobe settings) which can temporarily blind or daze any would-be attacker, giving you enough time to bop them in the head. The flashlight is powered by 3 C batteries (not included) which will provide 4 hours at maximum brightness. This item is available from Kotula’s and is priced at $29.99.

16 thoughts on “Self defense baseball bat doubles as a flashlight”

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    1. @John that one doesn’t look like it would hurt as much 😉 I already have a baseball bat by my bed… That’s probably where I’d keep one of these too. I wouldn’t carry it around.

  2. Collapsible batons are illegal in many jurisdictions and – quite frankly – require training to use properly.

    A baseball bat is legal.

    This “flashbat” seems a bit too small and too fragile to be of much use and law enforcement might just classify it as a baton.

  3. Long-handled flashlights are illegal in Canada? American muggers, with their guns, should be flocking over there to accost those defenseless people.

  4. A 4D cell Maglight would be be much more effective, first it is a
    actual Flashlight and second it has weight to it.
    Much more effective as a self defense weapon.

    As far as I know it is not illeagle to carry here in the US.

    I have carried one for years in my car

  5. Just don’t get the 6 D cell Mag Light. The thing is so darn huge it is useless. I own one but mostly just to show off. I wouldn’t ever use it. I did convert it to LED though.

  6. Julie, since you are a resident of Indiana, you have much better forms of self protection at your disposal than baseball bats (have you tried using one indoors? Very unwieldy).

    My preference is buckshot, but at the very least, I would suggest mace and a taser.

  7. Rather than a baseball bat, use a sword. Far less likely to harm other people (risk with any firearm) and if anyone tries to grab it, they will surely regret it – all the benefits of a baseball bat and none of the downside.

    For the flashlight/bat combo, I’d just stick with a Maglite (preferably LED – bulb shouldn’t break on impact, and the light output is far better)

  8. If you have upgraded a D cell Maglite to LED, you won’t need the power of D batteries to run it. You can save weight by using AA batteries in AA-D adapters. Maybe leave one D battery in the last position to give it good balance as a beating device.

  9. @John Kes : technically no, they’re not – until you get to defend yourself with one. THEN it is.
    Let me put it this way: in a home invasion you can kill your intruder with an ashtray. That’s legal. But if you have a ninja sword under the bed and use it, you’re going down.
    It’s simply put but unfortunately the legal system expects you (the ignoramus civilian) to assess the level of threat and dose your force accordingly. I know, it’s stupid. But not so much in a court of law, apparently. If a smart lawyer proves you had the intent to kill/maim and that the object you used was kept purposefully at hand, you’re going down. Under this interpretation, the flashlight we see here falls in this category.
    Of course that won’t prevent people from acquire and use it. I’m just ranting over the legality of such endeavor.

  10. Some state, such as mine in NH, have Stand Your Ground laws. You can stand your ground and use lethal force to defend yourself. Especially in your own home. I not only collect weapons, I manufacture them as a hobby. I also collect LED flashlights. So I am covered regradless of which I need at any given moment. Heck, I own my own riot shield.

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