Tactikey is a close-at-hand self-defense device


NEWS – Some of the main principles of self-defense are vigilance, self-awareness, and readiness, and having a personal protection device close at hand helps facilitate this readiness.  Tactikey was developed for just this purpose.  A simple patented device in design, build and use, it is a single piece of molded TPE plastic material weighing on 0.03 ounces.  It slides down and snaps over any “Quickset” style key on your keyring, and can be wielded between your fingers in an intuitive grip as seen above, and is ready at hand, part of your EDC, right on your keyring.  Available in four colors for $9.99, visit Tactikey.com or Amazon to order.

7 thoughts on “Tactikey is a close-at-hand self-defense device”

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  2. For a single key I can see the advantage – but most people have a keyring with multiple, and then this just looks like it would get in the way.

    1. That’s a good observation, DSTAAL. However, I think the intent is that the rest of the keys on your keyring would hang down and out of the way (see main image at the top of the Tactikey site for example), though I’d have to try one to confirm how effective this is in practice.

    2. Observation. Grasping the bulk of a “bunch of keys,” the device may still fit comfortably in the striking hand. I reserve judgement until I tried that approach. May want to consider targets. (Eye,windpipe. Solar plexus. A video clip showing the device being used on a pumpkin or some other thick skinned gourd would be telling You would need to put some power behind the punch for skin and body penetration.I like it in principal, but practicing using it beforehand is mandatory before the need for “first time use.”

      1. I agree with all of your observations, Dave. Practice with any type of self-defense device is imperative; it not only helps the user understand how the device will function when needed, but also can help with developing a “muscle memory” that could help to instinctively use the device quickly, which will almost certain be needed in a self-defense scenario.

        Thanks for your comments!

  3. Really would have to be classified as one of the worst self-defense choices you could possibly make. nobody’s ready for the pain that that thing’s going to cause from actually hitting somebody with it in your own hand. Especially a woman. There’s nothing for it to anchor to like brass knuckles. You will lose it for sure. not good for multiple hits. Completely inhibits your hands from doing any kind of grabbing. If you’re not willing to carry a gun, some serious pepper spray or something that you can keep a distance with, this is a terrible tool. This requires close-quarters fighting. And anybody that would even think of using this thing is not capable.

  4. No disrespect to the reviewer or review but – you never want to plan to use keys as a weapon because you cannot afford to lose them/it. If this were a great idea you could carry an old key or a key blank, but c’mon… Possibly better ideas: A collapsible metal baton with training, if legal, which can be a mess if taken from you, or a knife with an absolutely reliable locking blade, or fixed blade would be the minimal close-in tool for serious consideration. A handgun with lots of training and proper permitting is optimal.

    It is frustrating to see tiny objects portrayed as serious self defense items. Even police-strength OC spray and tasers don’t always work for law enforcement officers. A key? C’mon.

  5. This is a great idea and all, however, with over 10 years of martial arts experience, both in combat sports and hand to hand combat, I can tell you that keys are not an effective means for defending yourself AT ALL. They do very minimal damage and the damage does not even begin to neutralize or even slow down an attacker. You would have much better chances saving the money and putting it towards some martial arts training. Do NOT rely on this piece of equipment to save your life when the time comes.

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