Pepper Spray Gun – Kimber Lifeact JPX Jet

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kimber-jpxDon’t let the Orange color or toy-like appearance fool you. The Kimber Lifeact JPX pepper spray gun is a serious self-defense weapon. It can fire exceptionally potent liquid pepper spray at 270 mph with an effective distance of 23 feet. The JPX has two cartridge slots and is reloadable. They have a standard and laser sight version. Protection like this will cost you though… These weapons are priced from $299.95 – $374.95.

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  2. Even disregarding price, this seems much less practical than regular pepper spray. While the idea of attacking at a distance, and not worrying about blowback, is great, it is very hard to hit a face-sized target with a regular gun from any real distance, especially under duress. I don’t imagine it is much easier with this device (the spray radius doesn’t seem very large), and you only get two shots. I think chances are you’d miss them both while someone is running at you, and then be screwed.

  3. Two factoids to share. Anyone using self-defense spray will get some in their own face and lungs, and committed attackers and/or drugged subjects are barely affected by it. I’ll never forget a news article of a state police officer here spraying a suspect after a traffic stop and the suspect picked up the cop and threw him into traffic. Cops ultimately won but puts OC in perspective.

  4. This seems like a bad idea. I’ve heard of pepper sprays that have decent ranges in regular spray bottle sizes. Plus how would you carry this and not raise an eybrow…I like to run/bike along a woodsy trail, and if someone saw me toting a gun (even bright and orange!) some eyebrows would be raised.

    I also wondre about the intuitiveness of this. Most people don’t practice aiming/firing gun-like objects, but we all know how to use a spray can. In a panic moment, one would hope muscle memory from using Pledge would kick in and take over…:)

  5. Please remember that this is a LIQUID – not a gas (like most “defense sprays” or teargas). With regards to Lex’s comment: The JPX can shoot about 8 metres far, and will only affect those who have CONTACT with the liquid – thus the chances are less that you would put yourself in danger – as with the teargas scenario.

  6. I work in corrections and I happen to carry the Kimber JPX along with a taser. I actually prefer the JPX. The liquid is really more of a gel, so it is much harder to get off than the regular liquid and and even the foam. It’s great in a situation where there are several people fighting and being aggressive – in this instance, even if you don’t hit someone in the head with it, it *will spread like a gas and effect everyone in the surrounding area.

  7. For those that use pepper spray, this product is much safer and effective then any can of pepper spray. It fires at 405 MPH not allowing for any blowback of the OC on the person firing the gun.
    The range and velocity blows away a taser C2 and you have 2 shots vs only one with the taser. Most C2’s range in price from $300 up to $450 and you must keep them charged at all times. They will break easily if dropped and you must register it to make it function.
    The JPX does not require registration, is cop proof and is much more reliable due to its gun like features. Would you prefer to rely on a battery charge vs a blank bullet charge in an emergency?
    This gun barely weights 10 ounces, is water proof and shock proof. The price quoted in the blog is way over current prices. You can buy a non-laser verson for $199.95 and a laser version for $279.95, much cheaper then a taser C2 and substantially cheaper then a taser x26.

  8. I’m a police officer and I’ve had to use it once so far , I was able to shoot a guy with a fellow officer standing right next to him ( well we was standing , we was struggling with the subject) and I was about 10′ from him and it was impressive , it took the fight out of him almost instantly without the people around suffering any , so it worked in that situation

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