Mace Pepper Spray Gun

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macegunFor the third time in a month, my dog has been attacked by other dogs (unleashed) while out on our walks.  I started carrying a pepper sprayer after the second incident but this last time I could not get it whipped out fast enough, determine where the nozzle was, and could not fumble for the trigger, which requires you to rotate it before it can be squeezed.  So I started looking for an alternative and bumbled upon the Mace Gun.

It uses a disposable pepper (0.74 Capsaicinoids) cartridge and has an LED light.  The site even lists water cartridges so that you can practice without actual pepper.

$50.99 at SafetyGirl

The site also lists several holsters for the gun.


A few folks commented on the color of the gun, it does come in a few other colors:

macegun pink

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  2. Check your state’s laws regarding the carry of this pepper spray “gun.” It may be classified as a “gun” and therefore require a permit or other consideration. Not to mention the fact that someone (police, bad guy, bystander, etc) may think it is a gun and retaliate with what they deem to be appropriate action/force.

  3. @Eric – Agree with you. They should at least put the word “MACE” on the barrel of the gun instead of the grip where the hand would cover it. And also to make it bright red or orange to signify a safety/emergency device instead of being mistaken for a real gun.

  4. Read carefully – Mace is a brand name as well as a product. OC pepper sprays that work on people do not necessarily work on dogs, and other chemical defensive sprays have only a limited effect.

    Also, I would highly recommend buying a model molded in bright safety orange rather than black – you do not want to be the object of ‘man with gun’ call at the park.

    Some other steps you can take: report the attacks to whatever agency passes for Animal Control in your area. Having multiple reports on file can form the basis of either a lawsuit if you’re injured as a result of an attack, or as an affirmative defense if you are sued for injuring the attacking dog.

    A blast from an air horn followed by a good swift kick seems like an inexpensive & effective response to dog attack.

  5. Air-horning and kicking a vicious dog will get your leg eaten. It never hurts to check local laws but if you use this to defend yourself or your pet if in legitimate danger, then come what may, you’ve protected yourself and your pet.

  6. These have been around for a few years made for security and the public. They come in different colors including “Safety Orange”,black, etc. The word “mace” is the brand name I believe and it’s on the handle because that’s the part the shows from a holster. In California, you only need a Mace/OC permit to carry but if you use it in a crime it can be bumped up to a felony for using a “gun.” In this state, even using a toy gun in a crime is a felony.

  7. I actually own the navy blue gun because my job ( sells mace products at very reasonable prices. It is great. Here in the state of Illinois we are allowed to carry it and use it. It is just pepper spray and it comes with a lock device so you don’t accidently spray yourself or someone. It also comes with a like at the point of it.

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