Gift ideas that tame your keychain

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Not long after Julie reviewed the Keyport Slide 2.0, I ordered one for myself.  The Keyport Slide is a little plastic rectangle that corrals up to six keys in a compact package – one that doesn’t have sharp keys to unexpectedly stab you when you sit with your keyring in your pocket.  If you don’t have six keys that you routinely carry, you can add pocket tools to the empty slots.  Key port offers compact pens, tiny flashlights, bottle opener, and even USB flash drives.    Keyport has a Black Friday Bundle that saves you 30%.  It contains a Slide in your choice of White, Ice, Black, or the new Red color, plus a mini flashlight, 4GB USB flash drive, pen insert with black ink, and one SC1 key blade (most common key blank in North America).  It even comes with an S-biner so you can attach your car fobs to the Slider.  You’ll just need to add a couple more key blanks.  The Black Friday gift bundle is $49.  You can also use the BLACKFRIDAY2014 discount code (expires at midnight PT on Friday 11/28/2014) for other specials:  Select Limited Edition Slides for $19 ($10 OFF) including Black on Black, Blue on Black, and Pink on Black;  8GB USB Insert for $14.99 ($10 OFF); 32GB USB Insert for $29.99 ($10 OFF); plus free shipping on all orders over $25.  I love my Keyport Slide in Red on Black just as much as I love my Ice Slide, but I hear that new Red Slide calling my name – Santa, take note!

FREEKEY is a key ring that looks like a typical split ring, but it’s so much better.  The FREEKEY has a curved layer that creates a spring effect, popping one of the ends up when you squeeze in a specific spot.  You’ll be able to put on new keys without ripping off your fingernails when you try to pry the ring open.  You can get a FREEKEY at Fenix Outfitters for $5.95 or pick up a FREEKEY system with three small group rings for segregating your keys for $7.85 at Amazon.

Okay, this last idea won’t tame your keychain.  Brutus the Bull Dog Self Defense Keychain looks like an oversized key job, but it’s actually a self-defense tool.  It’s made of impact-resistant molded plastic that’s as strong as metal.  Prices have gone up since I bought three of them (one for each family member), but you can still get a black one for $7.50.  Do a search at Amazon for Brutus the Bull Dog, and you’ll find other colors available at other price points.

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