LEGO fans young and old will love BrickStix reusable stickers. These removable and restickable decals can be used over and over again to customize your LEGO creations without leaving a yucky sticky residue. BrickStix are available in a wide variety of sticker packs that range from Zombies to Space, Signs, Comics and more. Each sticker [...]

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I love LEGO but have never really gotten into collecting all of the specialized sets based off of characters from TV and movies like The Simpsons, The Hobbit, Star Wars, etc. I prefer generic LEGO sets best because they inspire more creativity. That said, I have to admit that this new Birds set looks very [...]

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One of my favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory. What's not to love as it features a group of geeky friends that like all the same stuff that I do: computers, gadgets, video games, comic books, etc. Fans of the popular TV show who are also fans of LEGO showed their support by [...]

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LEGO worked with  Ellen Kooijman, a geoscientist, to create this new play kit that shows female minifigs as scientists working in the Research Institute.  Then LEGO Ideas members selected this kit that contains everything these three scientists need to "explore the world below, around and above us."  The chemist figure has a lab with glassware and [...]

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You can't actually build with this giant LEGO, because the bottom lacks the indentations to join up the blocks, but you can use it as a very cool lunchbox.  The LEGO Lunchbox is shaped like a traditional 2X4 LEGO brick, but its top lifts off so you can store your lunch inside.  It measures 3.9" X [...]

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I love building things with LEGO, from as far back as I can remember to this day, with the Gadgeteer Kid.  I would argue that LEGO are one of the greatest toys ever invented, enabling kids and adults alike to transform their imagination into reality. Back in my day, all we had were the classic bricks, [...]

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LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 Discovery Book by Laurens Valk is a complete beginner's guide to building and programming robots using the newest EV3 kit from LEGO. This is the follow up to his bestselling LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT 2.0 Discovery Book. Laurens is a MINDSTORMS Community Partner and has years of experience building and testing MINDSTORMS robots. LEGO [...]

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Are you a LEGO fan? I bet you don't have a pair of these snazzy LEGO slippers under your bed. Only the true LEGO fanatic will add a pair of these LEGO Brick slippers from Convenient Gadgets & Gifts to their brick collection. These slippers are designed in the shape of a 6 post brick [...]

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This past week, the Gadgeteer Kid and I had the opportunity to attend the “Build 4 Good” LEGO MINDSTORMS Robo Challenge at The EMP Museum here in Seattle. The premiss of the competition was to use MINDSTORMS to solve real problems or otherwise improve someone’s daily life. I have been playing with LEGO as far back as I [...]

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The COI+ LEGO Power Brick has a 4200mAh lithium-polymer battery inside with plenty of reserve power to get your devices through the day.  It has patented PCB and smart IC, so it charges your device at "a speed that best protects your electronic device", up to 2.0A.  It's small enough to fit in your gear bag, [...]

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