Fans of Saddleback Leather Company gear who also own an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus will be interested in learning that Saddleback has a case that has been designed especially for the iPhone 6/6 Plus. Made of full-grain leather and marine-grade thread like Saddleback's other cases and bags, the iPhone 6 case is available in [...]

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sena vettra st-01

I can never decide if I want a case on my iPad Air or not.  It's thin and wonderful to hold without a case, but you're at risk of damaging your tablet without one.  The Sena Vettra ST Leather Case provides a functional case that manages to remain slim. The Vettra ST comes nicely packaged [...]

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The Sightseer's Argentinian Leather Carryall is made of luxurious, full-grain leather crafted by expert tanners in Buenos Aires.  The bag measures 10.5" tall x 8.5" wide x 4" deep and weighs 2 pounds.  It has a grab handle on the top and a shoulder strap for comfortable wearing.  The nylon-lined interior is divided into two main [...]

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Now that you have an iPhone 6 Plus, how are you going to protect it from everyday wear and tear? Are you using a rubber bumper case? Boring... Maybe you have a snap-on plastic shell on the back. Even more boring... If you want an iPhone 6 Plus case that looks fantastic while also doubling as [...]

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The Colonel Littleton No. 43 Mailbag Briefcase is a gorgeous shoulder bag reminiscent of the mail pouches carried by pony express riders from days before email and the internet. This bag is made in Tennessee of vintage brown polished leather with a very soft dry-milled leather flap that has brass shield on embossed with the bag's serial [...]

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Over the years we've reviewed quite a few bags, wallets and covers from Saddleback Leather Company. Leather products from Saddleback are well known for their high quality construction, rugged good looks and their motto: "They'll fight over it when you're dead." Saddleback's latest product won't hold your gadgets when you're on the go, but they will [...]

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I've never done drugs or gotten high unless you count snorting the addictive smell of these gorgeous leather wallets from Moose Brand. Hand me anything made of leather and I automatically bring it up to my nose for a sniff. Ahhhhh... There's something comforting about the smell of leather - good leather though, not weirdly [...]

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I was dancing around the Net and decided to swing by the Colonel Littleton website to see if he had designed any new leather creations lately. I was surprised (and a bit shocked) to see that he is now handcrafting many of his classic designs in black leather with brown trim. Some of the products that caught [...]

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The warmth of real leather pairs so well with the clean, metallic sheen of today's electronics. I never tire of feeling and smelling this old-world material while using cutting edge technology. The folks at BUKcase have added a very simple series to their product line for iPhones and iPads, which they call Cote. I was [...]

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Heming iPad Case

If you have an iPad chances are you go to some lengths to protect your investment. But, if you are like me you don't want a run of the mill, everyday, everyone else has one type of case. You want something a little different as well as something that is quality made. The Heming a [...]

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When it comes to my every day gear bag, I'm very picky. It has to be the right size, right weight, right capacity and it has to look good. I've been carrying a Timbuk2 messenger bag for as long as I can remember, so I figured it's time to broaden my horizons and try something [...]

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We've reviewed quite a few Saddleback Leather Company bags over the years. Known for their durability and last forever construction, Saddleback bags have never been considered soft and comfy. At least till now. Their new Simple Backpack features lighter weight softer leather and is currently available in a 14" size with a 17" size available [...]

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Pad and Quill continue to make the case, literally, for electronic devices.  The Littlest Black Book is made to house the iPod Nano.

Pad & Quill, with their tasteful and elegant cases for iPad and iPhone have manufactured superior cases for electronic "i" devices. Hand constructed, well made and protective, Pad & Quill is at the top of their game. So I was surprised and, literally, delighted to see the Pad & Quill case for Apple's Nano Mp3 [...]

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The artisans and designers at Hard Graft have recently released their new 13" Grab Laptop Folio. Their new laptop sleeve has a built-in leather hand strap for easier carrying and better grip. It is sizedto transport your 13" laptop (or smaller), tablet and/or misc documents. The Grab Laptop Folio is handmade in Italy from 100% [...]

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I am an old U.S. Air Force guy from back in the day...like my father, grand father and many uncles before me. I often think that I missed my time in history. I hate to say it, but I soooo would trade all of today's tech/gadgets to be a P-51 or B-17 pilot. I grant [...]

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I thought I would try something different this time around....instead of an invisibleSHIELD from ZAGG for the back of my new iPad, I wanted to try one of their LEATHERskins. While the aluminum back of the iPad feels great to the touch, I wanted to add a bit more protection without too much bulk or weight. [...]

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In my opinion, Gadgets + Leather = Bliss. If you feel the same way, then you're going to love browsing through the Wotancraft web site of truly handmade leather watch straps, camera straps and camera bags. The prices may be a little spendy (the camera case/holster you see pictured above is $169USD), but knowing these [...]

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As unmanly as it sounds, the first thoughts that ran through my mind when I first saw and touched the Saddleback Classic MacBook Air Sleeve was......'Ooooo, pretty'. To make it worse, I even took a (nice long) whiff of the leather as I was unpacking it....smelled wonderful. Saddleback Leather Company's rich leather, craftsmanship, and incredible [...]

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After wanting one for what felt like forever, I finally bought an iPad 2. All I can say is that it was worth the wait. I am an unapologetic Apple fanboy (Mac user since 1988) and the iPad just makes me more impossible to be around when the discussion turns to tech. But despite the [...]

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The Kanda Misako Leather Pencil Cap is a cool way to protect the tip of your favorite pencil (and maybe some pens). It's available in a large selection of colors that include: Black, Navy, Turquoise, Orange, Camel, Pink, Blue, Yellow, Wine, Red, Chocolate, Purple and Green. You can see more images at Pencils.jp. Although they [...]

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