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The Type-C USB flash memory drive from Patriot has been designed for computers that feature a Type-C USB port like Apple's new MacBook. Whether you hate the idea of a laptop with just one port or love it, you have to admit that it will be a hassle to use an adapter every time you [...]

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The iBRIDGE from Leef is a unique "J" shaped flash drive made specially for Apple iOS devices with Lightning connectors. iBRIDGE gives iOS users more storage space on their devices without needing to delete photos, videos, music or apps. Available in capacities ranging from 16GB to 256GB, it curves round the back of a device [...]

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If you follow our ramblings, you'll know that Julie and I both love our Eye-Fi cards (see Related Items below). The biggest issue is that they only come in set memory sizes (not a big issue because of the continuous memory function).  The PQI Air gives you the WiFi functionality to be able to browse images from your camera [...]

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With the wide range of ruggedised cameras around these days, it's inevitable that one day something's going to go wrong. Just one grain of sand or hair in a seal can turn your camera into a soggy mess.  Your camera can always be replaced, but what about the pictures on your SD card? Panasonic's new range [...]

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USB Fever OTG Drive

USB On The Go (OTG) is fantastic when you need additional storage or need to transfer files to or from your smartphone or tablet.  One of the things you often need is some sort of converter cable to go from USB to Mini-USB to Micro-USB.  USB Fever removes at least one of those cables you might need [...]

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Yesterday was the 133rd anniversary of Albert Einstein's birth.  He saw so much about how the universe functions, and we're still finding ways to prove his theories. In his honor, Mimoco is offering two new Einstein memory sticks as part of their Legends of MIMOBOT Series, featuring their stylized take on icons, geniuses, and stars [...]

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Kingston URDrive

The tiny Data Traveler 109 USB drive from Kingston comes preloaded with urDrive software "that gives you a new and exciting way to look at your data", according to the maker. I am always interested in new and exciting ways to look at my data, so let's take a look! Kingston makes good stuff and [...]

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Flash memory cards has been around since 1990s starting with the PCMCIA format followed by smart media and compact flash formats.  Nowadays the common memory cards are compact flash, SD, memory stick, and xD.  The most popular one being SD (Secure Digital) which is widely used in digital camera, mobile phone, GPS, PDAs, media players, [...]

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