Micro SD cards have finally reached 1TB

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NEWS – Yep, you read that title correctly:  You can buy a micro SD card that’s 1 TB in size.  SanDisk recently revealed that you can buy the first ever 1 TB card directly from their online store or from Amazon.  As of today, it’s out of stock in both locations, but when it’s available, it will set you back a cool $450.  Read speeds are up to 160 MB/s and write 90 MB/s, assuming you have a gadget capable of reaching such impressive speeds.  Who would need (and being willing to pay) for such a card?  Drone operators come to mind as someone who might want to capture video for as long as possible before having to land and switch cards, or maybe an athlete with a GoPro catching a long ride.  In fact, anyone using a device in harsh conditions may want to check this out, as SanDisk says this Extreme card is “temperature proof, waterproof, shock proof, and x-ray proof.”  If you can think of any other great applications for such a large card, or if you can find a store where it’s in stock, let us know in the comments below.

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  2. Well first you need a device that can handle that size card. Some devices such as cameras have a limit to how many photos, stored items or bytes that they can count.

    1. That’s a fair question, though it (in part) depends upon the quality of the video being shot. The higher the quality, the quicker they will use up the card.

  3. I now use a 400 GB Sandisk microSD card to extend the internal 256 GB SSD drive.
    With one terabyte I can even get more storage, albeit relatively slow.
    The Sandisk 1TB card is already on my wish list.

    1. Yeah, the extra storage would certainly be nice on a Surface. If you get the 1 TB, let us know how it works out. I’m particularly curious to know if the Surface can take advantage of the extra space.

  4. Steven M Kazmierski

    I would love one for my Nintendo Switch! I have the 32GB internal memory full, a 512GB card full and a 256GB card about halfway full. It would be nice to have everything on one card instead of swapping them and deciding which games should go on which card. It can handle up to a 2TB card whenever those exist. I found the 512 card for $40 so I’m not paying $400+ for the 1TB.

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