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Nomad based the design for the NomadKey USB charging cable for the Pebble Original smart watch on a key.  Since you always have your keys with you when you're out, why not have a key-sized charger on the keyring?  It won't feel like you are carrying anything extra, but you'll have a tough, flexible charging [...]

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My husband has the Cocoon SLIM backpack, and he uses it daily.  It's become his favorite gear bag because it's comfortable to wear on his back even when loaded down with his 15" work MacBook, his iPad, and various papers, cables, chargers, and other gear.  Now, Cocoon is making the SLIM backpack available in a [...]

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If he were still with us, Leonard Nimoy would have been 84 years old yesterday.  If you are one of the many fans of Mr. Nimoy and Mr. Spock, you might want to pay tribute to both of them with this beautiful necklace.  The pendant looks like a hand held in the "Live Long and [...]

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Late last fall, we told you about a perk for Amazon's Prime members, allowing them to store unlimited photos in the Cloud for free.  Well, Amazon has decided to extend the type of files you can store, and they are making the plan available to everyone at very reasonable prices.  No longer must you be [...]

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I've mentioned before that my husband shaves with a vintage double-edged razor, and that I created a kit with his shaving gear and other toiletries for when he travels.  (Check the links at the end of this review to read more about his travel kit.)  In the past, men had elaborate travel kits with fittings [...]

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Tokyoflash Japan's latest watch is the Kisai Satellite X Wood LED Watch.  The watch has a custom-designed dark sandalwood case with a protective clear coating and a dark mineral crystal lens.  Time is displayed on three interlocking rings that are read from top to bottom.  The display has a backlight, and there's an animation mode [...]

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We recently told you that Ikea has announced a line of furniture and lamps with built-in Qi chargers.  What about people who don't use Qi charging?  We want nice things, too!  Well, Hammacher Schlemmer has a Device Charging End Table that has a built-in charging station for those of us who still need to cable [...]

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There are multitudes of ways you can personalize Apple's watch to suit your style with just the available cases and bands that Apple offers, but you'll still know there are going to be multitudes of people out there with a watch just like yours.  With Casetify, you can get watch bands with stylish designs curated by [...]

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Do you spend a lot of time in areas that lack cellular service?  If you do, you can supplement your cell phone with SPOT.  Anytime you find yourself in a remote (or not so remote) area without a usable cellular signal, you can pair your phone to the SPOT device via Bluetooth and "get connected to [...]

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These Lexar JumpDrive M10 Secure USB 3.0 flash drives have a little eInk screen on the front that constantly show you the amount of free space left in the drive.  Because they are USB 3.0 drives, they are up to 4x faster (up to 100MB/s read and 55MB/s write) than USB 2.0 drives.  Your data is [...]

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For some reason, ThinkGeek calls this the Smartphone Kit of Perpetual Cleaning.  It's not just for cleaning smartphones, though.  You can clean any of your devices with delicate glass parts, such as your camera lenses, as well as binoculars, telescopes, microscopes, and even your glasses and sunglasses.  The kit includes 12 disposable lens cleaners, Dust [...]

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Washing clothes can make the fabric pill and the colors fade.  Dry cleaning your clothes is costly and inconvenient.  Of course, you need cleaned clothes, so what do you do?  You could use the SWASH Express Clothing Care System instead.  Hang one or two items in the SWASH, insert a SWASH Pod, and your clothes [...]

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If you use your iPhone 6 or 6 Plus without a case, you are certainly aware that the back camera doesn't fit flush with the back of the phone.  When you try to interact with the phone as it lays on a hard, flat surface, the phone will jiggle and rock as you touch it. [...]

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It's not even available for pre-order yet, but the parade of Apple Watch accessories continues.  Adappt has just launched an Indigogo campaign seeking funding for watchband adapters to allow you to use any band with the Apple Watch.  The Adappt has the Apple Watch band connector on one side; the other side is the typical [...]

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There are a variety of ways you can open and lock your home's door without using a key.  I tried a WiFi-connected deadbolt that didn't work, no matter what type of interpretive dance I used to approach it.  I've been intrigued by other Kickstarter products that still haven't made it to market long after the [...]

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Nyrius has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a new method of automating control of lamps and small appliances in your home.  The Nyrius Smart Outlet connects to an app on your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, so you don't even have to have an internet connection to use them.  So long as you are [...]

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Nomad says their Pod is the first portable battery for the Apple Watch.  You plug the Watch's charger into the Pod, then wind the excess cable around the Pod's spindle.  Snap on the Pod's stamped military-grade aluminum lid, and you'll have a hockey puck-sized charging stand with the Watch's magnetic charger exposed.  Inside is a high-density 1800mAh [...]

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We've just started planning for a small kitchen update.  We're replacing the countertop, replacing the flooring, and modifying a cabinet to replace the existing cooktop and wall oven with a slide-in range.  We've been taking lots of measurements, and it's a pain to take a measurement and stop to write each down so we don't forget. [...]

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Bluetooth keyboard cases for iPads may be a convenient way to always have a keyboard with your tablet, but they do have problems.  They are all undersized keyboards, usually with non-standard arrangements of the non-alphabetic keys, and they aren't always easy to type on, especially for touch typists.  The cases are often heavy and clunky [...]

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All fans of both Star Trek and sushi are going to need the Star Trek USS Enterprise Sushi Set.  When you're ready to eat some sushi, remove the "warp trails" from the nacelles and you'll find they are actually BPA-free plastic chopsticks.  Lift the lid from from the ship's saucer and use it as a [...]

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