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I'm not a big Facebook user, but these days it's a bit of a necessary evil. In my opinion, the official Facebook app for Android is nothing short of atrocious. It appears just to be a different interface to the mobile web site. Friendcaster is an alternative client that makes using Facebook just that little [...]

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Video Head Camera Helmet

videohead helmet

POV cameras are great, but one of the weak spots tends to be the mounting hardware. The Video Head Camera Helmet is perfect for sports like bike riding, skate board and similar, where this sort of helmet is appropriate. The built-in camera has a positional camera lens, and controls are built into the side of the [...]

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Barrett Alley Smuggler’s belt

Barretts Alley Smugglers Belt

Carrying cash and worried about pickpockets? Need to smuggle that micro-fiche past those foreign border guards? (oops micro-fiche... am I showing my age?)  The Smuggler's Belt from Barrett Alley may be your friend.   It's made of 10 oz (4 mm) US vegetable-tanned cowhide, 1.25" (3 cm) wide and hand-cut and sewn in Texas and has an individually [...]

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I often use my phone one-handed; however, with larger screens like like the 4.8" screen on my Samsung Galaxy S3, my thumbs are just not long enough to be able to reach some Jelly Bean navigation keys on the other side of screen. :) . LMT Launcher is an alternative navigator which solves this issue, [...]

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There are so many video players for Android out there, but my favorite player is Dice Player. Besides playing every format I've thrown at it, Dice Player has a number of handy features, including the ability to adjust the audio sync speed, boost your audio up to 400%, and the ability to adjust the video [...]

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Got a Nexus 7 or a Samsung Galaxy S3? Read about all the advantages of rooting your device, but feel overwhelmed with all the information out there, and you're scared you might brick your device?  XDA Developers member Mark Skippen has you covered with his toolkits for both the Nexus 7 and Samsung Galaxy S3 [...]

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For those Aussies waiting for the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite to finally be available locally here's some good news.  Amazon's still not shipping to Australia however  Dick Smith Online has the Paperwhite up for pre-order. The best news is that the cost is only $149AU, a price that's actually even cheaper than importing from the US via [...]

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I'll admit I'm an advertiser's nightmare.  In all the years I've been on the Internet, I've probably clicked through on a handful of ads displayed.  I can watch the coolest ads on TV and at the end still not know what product brand they're actually advertising, even after multiple viewings.  So why would I want [...]

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While most stock Android ROMs include features that can only be considered bloatware, once and a while a manufacturer comes up with an innovative and useful feature that they include into their OEM products. Samsung released their Multi Window on the Note 2, and the Multi Window utility is included with the release of their [...]

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The New Zealand Mint has just announced their Doctor Who Coin Set  and Transformers Coin Set.  The Doctor Who coin measures 40.1mm in diameter and comes with its own TARDIS packaging. The Transformers set is a two pack and each coin measures 40.7 mm in diameter, with both Optimus Prime and Megatron represented on the coins. The [...]

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goitto ytl tripod

If you love your photography then you'll know that sometimes a tripod is a must have.  But they're such a pain to carry around and often too bulky to conveniently take with you just in case you need it.  Well Giottos has just released their YTL Premium Series of tripods. By using a Y-shaped centre [...]

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Need even more online Cloud storage?  We've tried to keep you up to date with what's available so here's another free offering.  When you sign up with MediaFire they'll give you 50GB of storage. It is their basic offering so there's no batch uploading, files sizes are limited to 200MB and long term storage is "limited" [...]

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A while ago, I was sent a selection of personal flashlights from Spotlight ( see related items below). Out of the blue one day, a package arrived from Spotlight that neither Julie or I knew anything about.  Inside was their new Shifter 3 flashlight. It's nice when a review item arrives when you're expecting it, but it's [...]

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Amazon today released a new firmware for their Kindle Paperwhite.  Firmware 5.3.3 can either be downloaded and manually installed or you can wait for it to come over the air if you have your Wi-fi enabled on your Paperwhite.  There's actually no change log on the web and it's a full OS update (rather than an [...]

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Note:  This product is actively seeking funding on a European crowd-funding site called Ulule. Bicycle helmets are a necessity for safety but a pain when you're not actually riding your bike. When not being worn, Overade's folding helmet folds to reduce the volume of the helmet to a third of the original size for easy storage off the [...]

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Canon Powershot N – Oh flip


Canon has just announced the Powershot N, a camera firmly aimed at the social media market.  Made to be tethered with your  smartphone or tablet, the built in WiFi allows you to connect quickly and easily with its Mobile Device Connect Button. You can then directly upload your pictures to social media sites such as YouTube, Facebook [...]

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So, the Consumer Electronic Show 2013 (CES) is on right now. A Gadgeteer writer's heaven wouldn't you think? I'm probably seeing about 5000+ news items a day from the show via my feeds, but there are lots of repetition there, so let's say 900 unique news items.  The problem is that, truth be told, I'm not [...]

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Kingston 1GB

Old enough to remember the humble 32MB USB Drive?  Well, Kingston memory has just announced their 1 TB  DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0.  Their HyperX Predator 3.0 is the fastest USB 3.0 Flash drive in the Kingston range, with speeds of up to 240MB/s read and 160MB/s write andSuperSpeed USB 3.0 certification. "Our new DataTraveler HyperX Predator 3.0 [...]

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Ubuntu on your smartphone?

What do you use on your smartphone: iOS, Android, Windows? Well if Ubuntu has its way, it'll become another major player in the smartphone market as well. It's a pretty long video, but well worth a watch (the best phone interface info is between 6:20 and 13:45). What do you reckon? I think I want [...]

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Don't really want to purchase a new Mac or PC in your next round of hardware upgrades?  Well the  CuBox Pro is an open source mini computer that  will support Linux-based distributions such as Ubuntu,  Debian or even Android. This little box is only 2" square, weighs in at 3.2 ounces and yet packs an 800MHz [...]

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