According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, an estimated 40 million American adults currently smoke, and smoking is the leading cause of preventable disease and death across the nation. A new smart trans-dermal patch could provide advantages over existing smoking cessation tools such as current nicotine patches, e-cigarettes and nicotine gum. Prospectively, the device will… Read More


There are plenty of fitness trackers out there. There are apps to track calories and water intake. Those are meant to encourage healthy habits. Quitbit is doing the reverse. It’s a smart lighter aimed at helping smokers kick the habit. The lighter, which weighs 72 grams, uses a flameless heat coil to light cigarettes. In… Read More

What is the best way to combine your love (addiction) to nicotine with your need to protect your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone? With the Samsung Galaxy S6 Lighter Back Case of course! This case not only protects your phone from everyday wear and tear, but also features a built-in electronic cigarette lighter on the back… Read More

From the “You know you have too much money if you can buy this” files comes the Themis from Solloshi Design. The Themis is a table top humidor for cigars. But it’s not just any old ordinary humidor. The Themis is a replica of a Colt cylinder with real bearings and ratchet mechanism and houses… Read More

Ok, that was harsh… The Supernova Lighter Case for the iPhone 5/5s won’t really give you cancer, but if you use this case to light and smoke cigarettes, you’re gambling with your health. Having said that, this iPhone case has a USB rechargeable electric lighter built into the back of it. It doesn’t use flames… Read More

Over 10 months ago I wrote a review of the Ego-T e-cigarette and 10 months later the article is still getting on average of around 100 hits per day. Is this a sign perhaps that e-cigarettes are becoming more and more popular?  For me it’s now over 12 months of vaping. Am I still using the… Read More

There’s been some interest in electronic cigarettes as a way to cut down or stop reliance on tobacco cigarettes.  What if you are a pipe or a cigar smoker, though?  ePuffer offers pipe and cigar replacements.  Their cigars come in disposable models (bottom right) that can replace from 5-6 up to 10-12 cigars; they are… Read More

I felt it was time for a quick followup on my original Joyetech e-cigarette review.  I’ve now been almost six months cigarette-free, that’s approximately 4500 cigarettes I haven’t smoked!  So no 4000+ nasty chemicals, a huge saving in money, my taste has returned, I’m feeling way healthier and my clothes (and I) don’t stink … Read More

Quick hands up please, how many Gadgeteer readers smoke?  Another quick poll, how many have tried to give up?  I know I have, multiple times. :)  I’ve tried Nicotine Replacement Treatment (NRT) in the form of gum, hypnotism, cold turkey (not smoking, not the meat :) ) and Zyban. Yet after 30 years I’m still… Read More

In my opinion smokers either have a death wish or are just plain crazy. I can’t stand the smell of cigarette and cigar smoke and was very happy when my town (Columbus, IN) banned smoking in restaurants. Of course, not everyone feels like I do, so here’s a healthier alternative that cigar smokers might want… Read More

Let me start by saying I do not condone smoking in any way shape or form. Now with that said, unfortunately I am a smoker. However I am in the process of quitting…AGAIN. I have quit in the past with the help of medication. This time I wanted to give something else a try. When… Read More