You know you have too much money if you can buy a Themis


From the “You know you have too much money if you can buy this” files comes the Themis from Solloshi Design. The Themis is a table top humidor for cigars. But it’s not just any old ordinary humidor. The Themis is a replica of a Colt cylinder with real bearings and ratchet mechanism and houses six CNC-milled titanium “bullets”. Each “bullet” is an individual pod that can hold a single cigar and has a mini-humidor inside so it preserves the prime quality of its content. The Themis is made of 7075 aluminum, the same material which is used to manufacture M16 rifles for the U.S. military. Here comes the part where you need to sit down… the price of the Themis is… wait for it… $9500. A little too pricey for you? No worries, Solloshi also offers a single travel cigar humidor called the Hyperion for only $1890. Wow, what a deal! If you’re not in shock and want to learn more, visit Solloshi Design for more info.

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  2. For as often as I smoke cigars I could go out and buy a the rare expensive Gurkha Black Dragon for $1,150.00 (US). Smoke several and save money. 🙂 or I could skip the cigars all together and buy myself a kick ass quad-copter.

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