Joyetech EGO-T e-Cigarette review

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Quick hands up please, how many Gadgeteer readers smoke?  Another quick poll, how many have tried to give up?  I know I have, multiple times. 🙂  I’ve tried Nicotine Replacement Treatment (NRT) in the form of gum, hypnotism, cold turkey (not smoking, not the meat 🙂 ) and Zyban. Yet after 30 years I’m still smoking.  Well I’ve now been cigarette free for quite a while now with the help of the Joyetech EGO-T e-cigarette.  From day one of receiving this item I haven’t picked up a smoke or even been tempted.  Want to know more ?  Read on.


  • I am not a medical professional 
  • I have written this article without trying to make it an anti/pro smoking , anti/pro tobacco company or anti/pro government article. 🙂
  • The information supplied here based purely on my own personal experience.


It’s funny how things happen sometimes isn’t it? I was reading a thread on e-cigarettes on another forum and even though I’d read about them before I put up a quick post asking a question. I then found out that there was an e-cigarette seller in the same city as me. Within three hours I was having a coffee with the owner and walked away with a starter kit.  After doing a bit more research I discovered I wanted a different kit and swapped it over with him in a supermarket carpark at 9:30pm.  The wonders of buying locally 🙂 And since that night, I haven’t had a cigarette.

Is smoking tobacco really  bad for you ? 🙂

According to the CDC, smoking tobacco exposes you to around 7000+ different chemicals, hundreds of which are toxic and 70 of which are known to be carcinogenic, and that’s without even considering other  factors like the tar that coats your lungs.

Besides the health concerns there’s also the cost of regularly buying cigarettes, the smell, the burn marks in your clothes, the list just goes on and on.

Those of you who do smoke or have given it up will know that it’s not just the chemical addiction that’s hard to give up but also the behavioural habit as well.  Isn’t that first smoke with your morning coffee fantastic?  🙂

It’s worth noting here that unlike many NRT options like patches or gum, e-cigarettes aren’t actually recognised by Governments in many countries as a means of reducing/quitting smoking.


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E-cigarettes come in all shapes and sizes; however, the basic principle remains the same. A battery supplies power to an atomizer which transforms glycerin, nicotine, and flavour stored in a cartridge to vapor.

Batteries are available in all sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and charge capacities. A single 900 mAh EGO-T battery lasts me about a day and a half and they’re easily charged via a USB charger. It’s worth having two so that you can still vape while your other one is charging.

I’m using Vision Star Dust clearomizers, which integrates the atomizer and the chamber.  This makes it easy to use and gives me a solution that’s foolproof and more importantly leak proof.  I wanted to keep it as simple as possible. The Star Dust will hold about 1.6ml of e-liquid and most people use around 3ml per day. They can be cleaned, but in the end are a disposable item and should last at least a couple of weeks or more.  They cost around $4.90 to replace, and newer versions allow you to rebuild them at a cheaper cost.

If you go down the rabbit hole, getting into vaping can be  expensive as you upgrade into all the different mods and models that are available.   The entire starter kit you see in my header picture set me back just over $50 or just over one week of tobacco. To this I’ve had to add some juice and nicotine, probably around another $60 worth.  That’s still only about 3 weeks worth of tobacco and I’ve now got enough equipment to last me around 5 -6 months, I’m guessing.


e-Juice can be had in almost any flavour you can imagine. You can either purchase pre made e-Juices or make up your own with or without nicotine.  While many try to stay with a tobacco type flavour, it’s possible to be vaping Key Lime Pie, Roast Chicken and Potatos  or  Bourbon and Cola.  Makes it quite interesting and you can vary as much as you like. I can load up different Star Dusts with different flavours for a bit of variety during the day. My current favourites are Whisky and Butter Rum 🙂


To the flavour you add nicotine though it is an option to vape without the nicotine content.  Nicotine can be ordered in different concentrations with the intention that you gradually reduce the amount of nicotine until you ween yourself off it completely, well at least that’s the plan. 🙂 At the moment I’m vaping 18mg/ml (1.8%), and I’ve already made up some 12mg/ml  (1.2%) nicotine e-juice ready to go down to. You do have to find the right level initially though.  I started off with 12mg but still had thoughts about smoking a cigarette, changing to 18ml has fixed that.  My research seems to point to the fact that those who try and give up smoking using e-cigarettes without nicotine seem to fail.


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Here’s my e-cig assembled, it’s around 5.5″ (14cm) in length. It doesn’t really physically emulate a cigarette, though it is possible to get e-cigarettes that do.  You remove the mouth piece, drop some of your e-Juice into the chamber, screw the chamber to the battery and you’re good to go. The battery can be locked or unlocked by pressing it 5 times quickly, so it doesn’t “discharge” in your pocket or bag unintentionally.  The e-Juice is wicked up into the atomiser, and as you push the button, you basically draw back and breathe in the vapor produced. The only by-product when exhaling is water vapor, which is odourless and dissipates quickly.

To me this covers off 3 of the habits/addictions you’ve developed from smoking; the nicotine, the inhaling and exhaling smoke and the hand to mouth action.


So since starting I haven’t had a single smoke. Yes I’m still taking in nicotine, the most addictive part of smoking, but considered “harmless” in itself in the amounts that I’m vaping. Because I’m mixing my own juices, I can slowly reduce the amount of nicotine I take in until I’m completely weened off it. The best thing,  I haven’t subjected myself to all those 7000+ other noxious chemicals.

Other advantages I’ve found so far:

  • Being a roll-your-own smoker, I (and more importantly, the wife) don’t find particles of tobacco on benches, in pockets and all over the place anymore
  • My sense of smell and taste are slowly repairing themselves
  • I don’t smell anymore. One of my smoking mates came around the other night, after he went out for a smoke he stunk. Wowsers did I smell like that? 🙂
  • I took the dog for a walk the other day up and down hills, and while I won’t be running the Boston Marathon in the near future, I certainly didn’t get anywhere as out of breath as I used to.
  • Have a look at my “motivational” sig below (it’s live updating) .  It’s not the  financial details that really blow me away but look how many cigarettes I HAVEN’T smoked 🙂

1346905800 1 20 USD 6 dark

The only thing to mention here is that there’s been no long-term studies on the effects of e-cigarettes, but in my own mind if I’m avoiding all the effects of smoking tobacco, any side effects will be minimal in comparison.

As anyone who’s ever tried to give up smoking will know, it’s not easy. I know; I’ve tried multiple times before. Besides the chemical and habitual addictions, you have to want to give up smoking. Well I just fell into this solution, no fore-thought or pre planning.  It just worked.  If you’re thinking of  giving up it may well be a good option for you. Heck, it even involves gadgets 🙂

Update: One year later…


Product Information

Price:$52 for the Starter Kit above with 2 X 900 mAh battery, charger, 3 x Stardust clearomizer, carry case and 10ml flavour
Retailer:Ecig Quality in Tasmania Australia or various resellers around the world
  • USB port to charge your batteries
  • Nicotine Juice ( not mandatory but highly recommended)
  • Flavours
  • Stop smoking tobacco almost immediately
  • Cheaper than smoking tobacco
  • Healthier
  • No long term studies on effects of e-cigarettes

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  2. Well written, it takes someone who’s “walked the walk ” to see the benefits in vaping. I smoke a pack and a half a day for twenty years and, by discovering the e-cig, have been “analog free” for 41 days. I do agree there needs to be further testing for long term affects, I however, would much rather take the 4-5 relatively safe chemicals, vs the 4000-5000 known killers. Just my $.02

  3. Where do you buy the nicotine juice? It appears that you get the kit from Australia but they dont sell the nicotine. Good luck!!

  4. I agree with Budebudo that the article is well written. I am extremely happy to see this topic on a site I regular visit, as it is an unbiased view. When I was trying to research e-cigs, the only real information that you could find was on the manufacturers website, or a suppliers website.
    I also have been cigarette free for a while. I’m at 2.5 years or so. I got started on the 51 trio, as that was the brand that was available to “test” in the local shopping mall. That vendor has since changed lines to the Vaporx line. The Vaporx line is good, but a bit expensive (1 battery, 1 tank, 2 carts, 1 bottle of 10ml juice of choice and charger) for $100.00 or so (US Dollars). I have discovered another dealer who sells eGo MyStart line, and was able to get a kit of 2 batteries (650’s) 2 tanks, and charger for $49.00 (US). The mall dealer sells the juice in various flavors for $15.00 per 10ml bottle. The other dealer sells 10ml bottles for $5.99.
    To add one additional point, if you search around, you can probably find the distributer for the eliquid. I was able to purchase the same bottles of e-liquid the mall vendor sold for 15.00 online thru the distributor for $3.99. Thats quite a markup, but it how the vendor makes a profit.

    Once again, great article.

  5. Great article! And very timely.

    “Always On”, a CNET tech show, had a segment on vaping:

    Even though I am not a smoker, so many of my co-workers, family members, and friends have been smoking cigaretts for years and firmly addicted. After of years of smoking, they all begin to exhibit that same hack and hoarseness.

    So, learning about a product that can address one’s addiction to not just nicotine, but the psychological/habitual need to physically hold a cigarette and bring it to your mouth is so very interesting.

    Also, if you look at the CNET video, they discuss the possibility of using the “tastes” to satisfy food cravings without taking in unhealthy calories. I’m hoping this technology takes off and satisfies its promise.

    Ian, thanks for bringing this product to the forefront!

  6. i don’t smoke. However this review is so well written by Ian, I am sooo tempted to try since it involves “Gadgets” and dreams of inhaling Roast-chicken and potatoes !!!

  7. @budebudo and Stephen – as I post this, 6 weeks and 914 cigarettes NOT smoked 🙂 And I’m down to 1.2% nicotine 🙂

    @Rick – The sale of nicotine liquid is illegal in Australia, we have to import it normally from the US or China. It’s actually legal to import, but in limited quantity. The legal quantity you can import? ” 3 months worth”!?! A fantastically definitive amount 🙂

    @Jane – Thanks for the link. I’m pretty sure the exact video you’re referring to is this one. In some ways it’s a pity that they then mention medical marijuana, as then people will associate vaping with “bad things”.

    @anson – I’m not sure if the fact that there is a gadget involved, made this a better option for me to quit. 🙂 Some people do actually vape without nicotine and have never been smokers. If chicken’s not your deal then there’s also roast beef and taters 🙂

  8. Nicotrol Nasal Spray worked for me. I think they also make an inhaler now. In any case, I remember that a shot of that into the nasal membrane was better than a a whole cig… Let me repeat that, it was ‘better’ than a cigarette. It completely satisfied the nicotine urge in on shot. The nicotine absorption was faster than cig smoke in the lungs. In any case, I have been tobacco free for 4 years now even though I loved it and enjoyed it to the max when I did smoke. E-cigs were never really strong enough for me.

  9. Donald Schoengold

    If you make the assumption that although you are addicted to nicotine, it is the burn products that kill you – I guess that e-sigs are better than real ones and if you can not do a full quit, you are probably less unhealthful with e-sigs than real cigs.

    Now if they can just come up with an equivalent for alcohol – a product that gives you the buzz of alcohol but does not impair your facilities.

    1. Donald, you mean like this ?
      No hangovers or calorie gain, but you do still get impaired facilities.
      (Please note I do not condone the excessive use of alcohol in any form)

  10. Lung cancer, Oral cancer, Throat cancer. Any takers?
    Please, people who smoke. I have seen end result of them many times leading to eventual painful death, loss of speech due to sectioning of affected tongue and vocal cord etc.And grief from remaining families. I also know someone who tried this to quit but still smoking after more than a year later. It is not about review (which is as good as we can expect from Ian, you the man!) but about health threat by smoking. Stay healthy to enjoy wonderful gadgets!

  11. I gave up smoking the day I went into the hospital for my breast cancer surgery. I never had a single craving as I was too sore and stiff in the weeks after. That was 20 years ago.

    Last year I lost 75 pounds. I’m now down to a semi-normal weight of 158 for 5’3″. I still have cravings. Food is far more addictive than cigarettes.

    I am very interested in this product for the delivery of flavors without any nicotine. Will check out the CNET video.

    Thanks for the article.

  12. @Ian, Thanks for the kind words. In fact, after 20 years I am officially and totally “CURED!” My chances of getting another bout are the same as any woman my age and background.

    Chicken with Taters sounds really good. Although at 7:30 in the morning as I write this, bacon and fried eggs with buttered toast would be perfect. But I’ll go and eat my Kashi cereal with non-fat milk. 🙂

  13. Vladimir Estragon

    So, Ian, do you pull this gadget out after dinner in a restaurant? It frankly looks like drug parephenalia to me. In fact, it could probably function as a delivery system for just about anything.

    1. @Vladimir – The first couple of weeks I was very “embarrassed” to use anywhere there were other people. Rather than stand with other smokers, I’d find a little corner somewhere. As it becomes more of your normal routine you stop worrying about it. I have no issue vaping while walking down the street now or vaping in a smoker designated area, in fact it can be a good conversation point with smokers. Hopefully I’ve actually converted a few during our conversations about e-cigarettes 🙂 I know there are people that will vape in non-smoking areas, just to get a rise out of the authorities so they can say “I’m not smoking”. Not my scene though 🙂

  14. I saw my first e-cig the other day. I was getting into my car when a guy walked by smoking one. I was tempted to stop him and discuss his e-cig, but he didn’t look like someone who would appreciate any questions from a stranger.

    It did look like drug paraphenalia. But I did know what it was. I think that e-cigs become more main stream, no one would give it a second look.

    And … given the significant financial savings and health benefits, I’m hoping that happens sooner than later. I’m trying to think of someone I know who smokes and would appreciate a practical alternative. What a great Xmas gift!

  15. I have been a smoker for almost 40 years. How sad is that? Anyway, I tried e-cigs and the brand that I tried was not very good. Then I bought the Joyetech Ego-T e-cig. What a wonderful product the Ego-T is. I have not wanted a real cig since. I have 10mg nicotine and it is helping me with cravings. I’m vaping with a light tobacco flavor and it seriously seems like this will do the trick to keep me from smoking the real cigs. My husband who has been smoking longer than I have and our friends who are also hardcore smokers have given up the real cigs in favor of these. It’s the best thing we have found, and it does work! No more smoking the real cigs for us. Just thrilled with the results!

  16. @Wendy – Good stuff. I’m still off ciggies and just coming up to 4 months and approximately 2400 cigarettes NOT smoked 🙂 I got a couple of my friends started just before Christmas and their kids and grand kids are happy as. I’ve got a couple of follow up reviews with other hardware coming up as well which might be of interest. Watch this space 🙂

  17. @Wendy. Good post! But I am curious re the difference between the 2 brands you tried? What makes the Joyetech superior?

  18. Hello Ian

    Great write up. Thank you. I have not had a cigarette for two months now thanks to e cigarettes. I am now an evangelist for these evape cigarettes. I tell everybody to just Google ‘electronic cigarette UK’ to see how well established this industry is, and how big the choice is here. We can buy nicotine here from these suppliers, we don’t have to import it ourselves – maybe Oz will change this.

    What really gets my goat, though, are the number of articles in the media saying how bad they are. Apparently Big Pharma – the makers of stop smoking aids are funding an anti-evape campaign – not the tobacco companies (as one might suspect) as they are investing in them. B*gg*r them, I can FEEL the benefits.

    Just FYI – always some agenda with big corps …


  19. The first ecigs I tried looked more like a regular cig. I kept inhaling some of the liquid which was pretty nasty. Also the battery did not last and if you didn’t keep the cig upright the liquid would leak, and lastly the hits were not satisfying. Also I had to refill with liquid every few hits it seems. I can’t remember the name but it was a total waste if money. The Ego-T is superior in every way.

  20. I got my ego t in the mail on 12/15/2012. my first cigarette was in the ally at break out side of my high school when I was 13, my last was walking to the mail box that day 22 years later. yes every once in a while I want to go out side and have one, mostly when I am street out, but then I just stand and vap for a few minutes and I am good. I had quit quitting, and was ready to Just smoke until I died, deep down I did not want to quit. but I met some people vapping with the smokers while on vacation and figured what the hell one more failed attempt won’t hurt, I’ll just pick up the cheap one, the ego t, and not the variable voltage or mods…. well I can not believe it, it actually worked. yes I still get nicotine, yes I am addicted to it and it is the last bad thing I do, I feel healthier, I can breath, smell and taste stuff. he’ll I would ask that any smoker give it a try if they have tried and failed at quitting before, it’s about the same as a carton in cost. just do get the ones at the gas station the are for very light smokers and are crap.

    now my phone is digital, my tv is digital, my books are digital and my smoking habit is digital.

  21. Hi all, thanks for the comments i also bought Joyetech EGO-C the hits is good same as original cig. But some of my officemate discourage me as be carefull of buying e-cig better not to buy if this is made from china… But most of the ecig i checked in the website is made in china… is tehre is ecig made from other country?

  22. @jon I’m very disappointed in the Governments that ignore a solution that could stop a lot of smokers and reduce costs to the health system the main reasons that most Governments site for their anti-smoking campaigns. Suppose they’re worried they’ll lose too much tax money etc.

    @jeanne glad to see that it’s all working for you. Still off the dirty cigarettes and not even tempted ( even after a few too many red wines at a wedding surround by about a dozen smokers ).

    @euvene just like anywhere there’s good quality and bad quality products coming out of the Chinese factories. If you’re buying authentic Joyetech batteries you should be good but there are also a lot of fake “Joyetech” batteries out on the market as well. The Chinese are even counterfeiting their own country’s products 🙂 I think pretty much around 99.9% of e-cig batteries are made in China and there will be variable quality.

  23. thanks ian, i also noticed that as i searched from the internet. Basically the good thing is joyetech is one of the good quality made from china.. 🙂 Can you share how do you create your own e-juice? im quite curious what does it feel vaping zero nicotine… im using now 12mg nicotine…

  24. euvene, there’s two ways to mix ejuice.
    1. Buy some nicotine unflavoured ejuice and then buy some already mixed flavoured ejuice from a company and just add your own nicotine to the ratio you want.

    2. Buy nicotine unflavoured, buy flavour concentrate, buy PG or VG glycerin and then you can mix it all up yourself and adjust. For example at the moment I’ve got 36 mg nic juice and some chocolate flavour. So to get 10ml of 6mg flavoured juice I add 1/6 (1.7ml )nic juice, 1/10 (1 ml ) flavour (just the right amount of flavour ) and 7.4 ml of glycerin. It’s just like mixing an alcoholic cocktail or a cake 🙂

    It’s a good idea to use an ejuice calculator which will work out all your ratios and measurements like this one here:

    You can also find ejuice recipe books out there on the net 🙂

    Hope this helps.

  25. I was looking for a possible way to clean an atomizer that I had been careless with, when I found your site. My first cig was when I was 12years old, my last was nov 16 2012, 38 years later. Even after two heart attacks, I was still smoking. I was very lucky in so many ways. First; several friends had taken up vaping , so it has become acceptable if not common place. Second; there are three vape “lounges” in my home town of Denton Tx. I was able to walk in and sit down to talk with someone who had “been there”.

    All my non-smoking friends are delighted that I have given it up, and I can’t even describe how happy my wife and kids are… Just the fact that I can hold my new granddaughter with out worrying about transferring harmful chemicals, has made me the happiest guy around.

    I am currently vaping a juice my buddy calls Wyatt Earp with 18mg nicotine, it’s the strongest tobacco flavor I can find. The 30 ml bottle runs just under $15 and will last me about two weeks, verses $54 a carton every week.

    One little warning I will share…. Don’t let the tank run dry, it will ruin the atomizer quickly. In the mean time


  26. My childhood friend in Texas and her husband decided to quite smoking one day n I guess they picked out this e-cig. They have now both have been cigarette free for 2 months her mom n step father also quit a few weeks ago…. i have smoked for 12 years (im only 24) so i wanted to read some reviews on the ego T came across this and wanted to thank you for yours!!!!!
    I think im going to pick one up today

  27. Just oddered mine today
    Always said i will never smoke anither cigarette once i turn 50, well that big 50 is only 6 weeks away so im now heading in the right direction, ive smoked 35 years too long, wish me luck guys
    I will post further down the line to report my progree

    1. Well done Amanda, at this stage I’m up to almost 7 months and around 4000 cigarettes not smoked. I’ve cut my nicotine down from 1.8% to .1 % and my next batch will be 0% 🙂
      Have a good birthday as well 🙂

  28. I bought my eGo-T starter kit two weeks ago and haven’t smoked a single cigarette nor have I had the desire to. I have had some bad luck with mine breaking for no reason. In fact, just today, one of mine literally fell apart when I picked it up. The plastic on the thing (don’t know what it’s called exactly)…that holds the juice broke like it was glass. ??? I had to return one from my kit the very next day after buying it because it fell apart when I attempted to fill it with juice the first time. I treat them gently and keep them in the original box when not in use. Luckily, I have a backup since the store is closed tomorrow! I love that I’m not smoking anymore! My clothes, hair, and car don’t stink anymore! 🙂

  29. I totally agree with everything you have said, I even got my husband and daughter to switch, vaping is much better than cigs. My doctor is even happy that I am making the switch.

  30. Have had my eGo T2 for 3 days now. Have been tobacco free for 2 days. WOW…how cool. It really works and is very enjoyable.

  31. i ordered mine from ebay . it is just $49.99 comes with 2 ecigs! dont spend so much money for these devices. or there is a site they sell them for affordable pricing

  32. I purchased my e-go cig 1week ago and not had a proper cig for 5days.They do seem to work as iv not had any cravings either but i was wondering has anyone been suffering from slight chest pains after using it?

  33. Thank you for the article. I have smoked for 44 years. My son gave me this atomizer to try to quit smoking/Save my life. It is an eGo-T. The E-liquid he gave me is Marlboro flavored high nicotine content, It does not tell me the milligram content. The product is made by GEC (green electronic cigarettes) I assume it must be 18 mg. After months of having it in a drawer I finally decided to seriously use it. August 8 at 5:46 PM I quit. I highly suggest getting two batteries because They suggest five hours of charging time.
    When I have an urge to smoke it totally satisfies it.
    The only negative I found with this product is that it doesn’t have an end time. With a cigarette I get to the end and put it out.
    Not really a problem when I’m working, But sitting at the desk doing paperwork or watching TV I can smoke on it endlessly.
    I guess learning to regulate my use is a small price to pay.
    Thank you to everyone’s comments on this article you helped to Encourage me today.
    Aug 29. 9:37 am
    Rats, battery just went dead….

  34. Scott congratulations on starting. Yes having at least two batteries, one on the go and one on charge is definitely the way to go. Then again, if you get “addicted” to vaping gear then you’ll always have some sort of battery available 🙂

    I’m now 1 week shy of 1 year off the stinky sticks. Expect a bit of a followup 🙂

  35. I have been smoking the same cigs ian has been for two months now n Ismoke it almost everywhere I go. I agree completely about just getting the nicotine, not all the other bad chemicals that would b going into my lungs. Iwatched my dad pass away from lung cancer n it was very traumatic. Iwish they had. come out with. these yrs ago n maybe Iwould still have my dad. Just wanted to say how much its helped me. Thanks

  36. I started to vape…just over 2 yrs ago. I got one from 7-11, it was a waste of money. I then ordered some other garbage online. I went to the vaping forums, and learned about the ego-T, Ive been consistently using my Ego T for about 20 months now. A battery last almost all day and typically will accept a charge for about 6+ months. I replace my atomizers about every 3 weeks, I’m set. I spent about $500 looking for a good piece, and have a pile of garbage, but the Ego T WORKS well. Now my costs are about 20% of what I paid when smoking. I order juice from one company, attys from a different one, and my batteries from a different one still….I am in the US, and I guess we have some local stores, just recently.. but they cost a lot more than the places I already order from. I wish everyone great luck. As far as I’m concerned, this has saved my life. If its appropriate Ill tell you where I order from.

  37. thanks for instructions. the thing came with no instructions. would’ve never thought to press the button 5 times lol. i felt dumb yet enlightened by that.

  38. Just started with the ego-t a few days ago. I’ve only been smoking for a little over three years but my husband who is much older has been smoking almost his entire life and I was willing to try anything to cut him back from his two packs a day and 300 dollars a month habit. The only issue that I’m having is that I don’t quite understand how to maintain the unit. I get the juice changing but not what the individual parts do or what I will need to replace. Can anyone suggest a good article for beginners on the technical aspects?

  39. I just bought my first e-cig. I have heard great things about the eGo-T so I figured I would give it a try. It works great. However I do have one question for anyone who can answer. I have a kid at home (which is the main reason for wanting to quite). I know these thing are supposed to be safe as far as second hand smoke. But is it truly? Am I able to smoke this in the house around my son with no affects?

  40. I don’t think there’s enough research to say 100% it’s safe…but as my Dr. said its safer….than smoking. I do vape around my children, but when I smoked I smoked around them. If you smoked away from them I think you should continue to vape away from them…it’s a personal descion.

  41. Ljay, you’re probably best to start with the Joyetech users manual on their web site. Hopefully that give you an idea of all the consumable parts of your ecig.

    Dane – Point one, you won’t be smoking around the house you’ll be vaping 🙂 I never smoked in the house or in enclosed space with the kids however I do vape in the house sometimes now. That being said my “kids” are aged between 15-20 so not exactly little tackers. As Nonsmoker says, there’s no long term research on the safety of residual vapor, but again in my head you’re not releasing 4000+ burning chemicals into the air so given you’ve got glycerin, small amounts of liquid nicotine and flavour it can’t be anywhere near as bad. It is a personal choice.

  42. Well it’s coming up on one year since I have been vaping and not smoking. I will NEVER pick up another stinky analog cigarette! I have found a local store where I buy my liquid from and I just am very excited about this. I have turned many people over to vaping as I have found this to be the way to quit and never start again. On Facebook, there are several communities to join which are vape communities, North Texas Vape is the one I joined. Very informational about any and all having to do with vaping. What kinds or juices and all the information about the batteries, tanks, liquids and anything else you want to know. Also there are several online stores now to buy your kits, batteries and tanks and anything else having to do with vaping. It seems like the whole world has caught the stop smoking and start vaping craze. I personally would never by liquid from anywhere except my local store as I am guaranteed pure ingredients and not garbage. After 40 years smoking, I feel so much better vaping and so does my husband. Not to mention the thousands of dollars we have saved. I can’t say anything but good about vaping. Just do your research and find the right suppliers as I have. Good luck!

  43. Ljay, I found on Youtube Zee Cigs for the ego. He’s not the cheapest like some of the others I use local and Zee cigs for my eCigs. Yes you can smoke them in the house, car, etc. around others. It has been the only thing that helped me stop a 40 year habit of smoking cigarettes.
    I am using the eGoC I liked the flat tip more than the round. Also the clear plastic tanks allow you to have several flavors. Smoking menthol, i has taken a number or tries to find the right liquid. Most of the local shops will let you try several flavors in their lounge. I have found using two or three flavors and swapping back and forth works for me.
    If they allow links here’s a you tube link to all the videos by Zee in Austin Texas.

  44. Hi all 🙂 Thanks for a great review. We have been using the ego-T for a long time now also, and it is really a good choice. A lot of people are asking for that ecigarette model.
    I wanted to ask about the the ego-W model, do anybody got experience with that model and the vapor quality?


  45. A friend of mine showed up with a eCig and I pretty much laughed him off as I inhaled my regular Malboro Red Full Flavor, which has been my habitual cig for the past 20 years, and continued to joke about how “fluffy” his new technological cig looked.

    Him, knowing how much I LOVE cigars and vanilla, told me, “Taste this and I can finally shut you up”. With a lot of apprehension I did take a sample and for an ole fart like me who rarely accepts defeat, I was highly impressed. I had to have one and that’s the end of it!

    So he told me to head to this store that sells them at a reasonable price, $30 in my area for the starter or could go up to $50 for the starter kit. I decided I’d try the lesser of the two and see if it was a good choice. Once I stepped into the store, I was surrounded by so many flavors, I was shocked at what this new eCig has to offer. Reeces Peeces flavor!? You got to be kidding me, but hey they said some people love it as much as I love Cigars and Vanilla.

    The kind gentlemen behind the counter told me I could also BLEND my flavors well I told him, “Vanilla and Black Cigar” please! At 12mg I gotta say, it’s very nice to be able to finally inhale my cigar with a nice taste of vanilla and not worry about smelling like an ashtray! Very nice product and it takes care of my cravings for real SMOKES. And..while I don’t plan on quitting anytime soon, this was a great alternative to my Malboro Red Full Flavor. Happy Customer Right HERE!

  46. I don’t know if it is a gateway to real cigarettes, but it is definitely a gateway to something.

    A friend’s son went to rehab for pot addiction. He never smoked cigarettes.

    He was strongly advised to get these “vape” devices to smoke instead of cigarettes or pot. They say it helps reduce the cravings.

    I’m shocked. Seems to me the idea is to stop the cravings using the tools of the 12-step program he’s following.

  47. Sorry,but you know those E-Cigarettes are worse for you then Cigarettes.

    Electronic Cigarettes are found to contain an anti-freeze component known as Diethylene Glycol. It is toxic to humans and can cause health worries on inhalation. This is one of the major Electronic Cigarette side effects.
    Ntrosamines. If the cigarette accidentally breaks, humans may be exposed to such harmful components and this can cause cancer.
    Nicotine. E-cigarettes has more nicotine then 2 packs of cigarettes.
    An you will get 40 pounds on you by then ended of 2 to 3 months
    an about 600 other harmful chiemcials and if it was good for you then why do some countrys bann it. The point is their not good for you

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