Maria Elena Hernandez

Some fitness experts have pointed out you really don’t need super fancy equipment to get into shape. Agreed. But what they don’t say is how they’re juggling their wallet, phone, water bottle and keys when they’re working out. Enter the GoRoll, a foam roller with built-in storage space and a carry strap. Foam rollers help… Read More

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Laundreez: Portable Clothes Washer

When imagining your travel plans, you try to ignore the pile of dirty laundry heading back home with you. Delaying the unpacking won’t help. Here’s something that might – the Laundreez Portable Clothes Washer. The Laundreez consists of a mesh bag held inside a waterproof bag. You place clothes in the mesh bag, which can… Read More

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Keyboards are so 30 years ago and the creators of Gest say it’s time for an upgrade. Gest is a device people can wear on their hands to control a computer or smartphone. Users can customize gestures for keyboard shortcuts, to adjust music, control lights and adjust sliders in Photoshop. If you have a Gest for each hand… Read More

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There are plenty of fitness trackers out there. There are apps to track calories and water intake. Those are meant to encourage healthy habits. Quitbit is doing the reverse. It’s a smart lighter aimed at helping smokers kick the habit. The lighter, which weighs 72 grams, uses a flameless heat coil to light cigarettes. In… Read More

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