An electronic replacement for the pipe or cigar smoker

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There’s been some interest in electronic cigarettes as a way to cut down or stop reliance on tobacco cigarettes.  What if you are a pipe or a cigar smoker, though?  ePuffer offers pipe and cigar replacements.  Their cigars come in disposable models (bottom right) that can replace from 5-6 up to 10-12 cigars; they are fully charged and ready to use.  These sell for about $15 to $25, depending on the model.  They also have rechargeable models (bottom left) that sell for about $70 to $90; kits include a rechargeable lithium battery, charger, and two nicotine cartridges.  If you prefer pipes, they have several mini models (top left) to choose from; starter kits come with an AC charger, 2 lithium-ion batteries, and 5 tobacco flavor cartridges for $70.  They also have larger pipes in walnut or green marble (upper right) that come with a charger, three high-capacity tobacco flavor cartridges with nicotine contents in your chose of 1.2mg, 0.6mg, or 0mg.  These kits are $130.  ePuffer also sells replacement parts and liquids for their products.

8 thoughts on “An electronic replacement for the pipe or cigar smoker”

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  2. I’ve seen a few e-pipes appear along with the e-cigs around some gaming stores (as folks really would rather NOT leave the table to smoke), but I agree — other than maybe a novelty for new parents to give to family, I can’t see the ‘cigar’ catching on.

  3. Robert van Weersch

    For an avid cigar smoker like myself, this is blasphemy 😉

    I smoke about 5 to 7 cigars (from cigarillo up to churchill) a week. mostly outdoors while gardening, reading or walking the dog. I consider it a luxureous way of enjoying myself, just like I enjoy drinking a fine whisk(e)y, sipping a feisty espresso, or consuming a quality dinner.
    An e-cigar is as likely to enter my house as alcohol free whiskey, decaf espresso or low fat/carbs/sugar/whatever ingredients.

    Not a chance!

  4. Robert, you are a man after my own heart. I used to have a puro walking the dogs (two) until I accumulated four enthusiastic medium to larger friends. You probably believe that life is too short to smoke a bad cigar.

  5. Janet Cloninger

    But these devices aren’t gadgets for the “avid” smoker. These are designed to give you an imitation of smoking – granted, perhaps a pale imitation – while you wean yourself off the addictive substances. I guess some people could see them as the “diet cola” of the smoking world, so that you can continue your favorite activity with less nicotine or even no nicotine.

    Congratulations Ian!

    1. @Janet Exactly. And as someone who has witnessed the early painful deaths of two people close to me, due to the side effects of smoking, my advice to current smokers is to STOP.

  6. @Janet: cigar smokers usually don’t inhale, hence no nicotine addiction. It’s purely an experience of flavours, coming from a 100% natural product.

    Inhaling cigars is terribly bad for your health, way worse than cigarettes, because most cigars are larger and much tighter wrapped than cigarettes, so the amount of tobacco consumed is much higher. A churchill easily contains as much tobacco as a dozen cigarettes. Apart from the health issue, inhaling such quantities of nicotine gives you a gigantic nicotine rush, resulting in dizziness and nausea 🙂

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