Gmail Gmail has become the defacto standard for email these days because of its ease of use and great features. But some people still have legacy Yahoo and Hotmail/Outlook accounts. Google has supported these other email systems in their Gmail app for around a year now, but they have just  announced on their blog that… Read More

The Gmail Android app has recently added Block email address and Unsubscribe to the list of menu overflow items. To block someone who bombards you with unnecessary emails, all you have to do is open the email, tap on the menu overflow icon (three vertical dots) located within the email next to the reply button… Read More

We’ve all been there…with our finger hovering over our mouse…conflicted.  Should I send?  Then, the feeling of intense fear and anxiety that courses through every part of you when you actually hit send and you see a typo, or you realize you should have just deleted the whole thing and not told your boss how… Read More

This is a quick tip for all my fellow Android users. Have you noticed that your Android smartphone is always warm to the touch or that your battery life has taken a nose dive? When I was using the Samsung Galaxy S3 as my primary phone, it would often feel warm even when I had… Read More

Got the latest Gmail client for your Android 4.1.x (Jellybean) device yet? The new version allows you to choose if you want to archive or reply to a new email directly from your notification bar without having to open the client. Handy for short emails but not quite so good for longer ones :) I’ve… Read More

Gmail’s been my primary email since the days when people were still bartering things just to get an invite to the beta. :)  Since those days, there’s been a number of updates to the web interface.  Google has recently put up a list of upcoming changes for the next few months, and you can preview one… Read More

One of my friends had her email account hijacked recently.  The hijackers had obviously got hold of her password somehow and were sending out emails to her address book claiming she was stuck overseas and needed money sent to her. I’d read about this sort of thing  but never had it happen to myself or… Read More

Emailing is a very important part of everyday life and Google’s Gmail is wildly popular in the emailing realm.  I use it heavily for work and personal emailing.  One interesting functionality of Gmail is the use of keyboard shortcuts to help save time in issuing common commands like new mail, delete, send, reply, etc.  The… Read More

The Gboard is a plug and play USB keyboard that has 19 multicolored keys that map to a variety of Gmail shortcut commands. It’s compatible with both Windows and Mac computers and costs $19.99. Would you buy one? Personally, I would just learn the built-in GMail key press combinations that this keyboard is mapped to… Read More

I guess it’s no secret that I’m in love with GMail. Earlier this year I posted an article about my experiences switching from my server based email over to GMail for domains. Since then, I’ve been trying out several experimental features in the GMail Labs area. Today I want to briefly tell you about my… Read More

Yay, my favorite cloud app is getting some new features. I just read on the Gmail blog that instead of having a collapsible label list, that labels are now moving under the Inbox. Don’t worry though, you can hide the labels you don’t use that often. Which is great if you’re like me and have… Read More

I finally did it. I have untethered myself from my server based email. It’s something I had been thinking about for a very long time, but just never pulled the trigger. Two weeks ago The Gadgeteer server had a hiccup that made everything inaccessible for the better part of a day. That experience of being… Read More