New Gmail Compose window(s) – preview it before it’s released

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Gmail’s been my primary email since the days when people were still bartering things just to get an invite to the beta. 🙂  Since those days, there’s been a number of updates to the web interface.  Google has recently put up a list of upcoming changes for the next few months, and you can preview one of them now.  When you hit compose, rather than opening up a full page blank message, Gmail will  give you a pop-up window to compose your message (click on the above graphic for a bigger picture).  Allowing for multiple pop-ups and the ability to still work with your mailbox in the background is great for better multi-tasking, and it’s much cleaner as formatting options aren’t visible until you need them. It also allows for much easier placement of image attachments.

To turn it on, just click the “Compose” button in Gmail, and follow the simple instructions. Of course if you don’t like it you can easily switch back to the old version.

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10 thoughts on “New Gmail Compose window(s) – preview it before it’s released”

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    1. As usual, the new feature isn’t available yet on google domains. At least I’m not seeing it yet… I’m not sure I’d like a popup window for composing. Gmail automatically saves your draft, so you can get in and out with no issues.

  2. Julie,

    It is for us. There’s a setting in the domain admin area that allows you to see pre-release stuff. You may want to make sure that’s enabled.

    I tend to like new…but this just doesn’t look like an improvement.

  3. Julie, yes we do have a premium account. The feature is found under domain settings>general and is called “Rapid release”.

    1. Hmmm, I’ve enabled rapid release but still don’t see the option to try it when I click compose even after restarting my browser. Maybe it takes a little while to show up or something.

  4. I cant switch back and nothing happens when I click “compose” now, so I cannot send an email to anyone. How do you, to quote from the above article ” easily switch back to the old version.”?

  5. @Julie and Ken – well perhaps I’m just weird ( and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve been called that) , but I like it, I can open up multiple compose windows, drag them around my screens, quickly knock up an email, refer to old emails 🙂 It’s only a preview so it might get more “polished” as time goes on.

    @Marshall – from the Google Support page:
    If you change your mind or if you need to use a feature that isn’t available yet, you can switch back to the old experience at any time. Here’s how:Click Compose.At the bottom corner of the message pane, click the More menu icon next to the Discard button.Select “Switch back to old compose.
    But if you can’t get a “compose” windows up I’m not sure 🙁

  6. Ian,

    I understand some of the benefits. Personally, I just like having my commands at the top of the windows and clearly available. If I want multiple compose windows I just start a new window with a Right-Click on the browser tab and the duplicate command.

    I hope Google gives people the choice.

    1. The new compose window feature started working this morning… Haven’t decided if I like it yet. I do know I don’t like that it puts the window in the lower right corner by default. I wonder if there’s a way to change that.

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