Android App Spotlight: CyanDelta Updater – Incremental Cyanogen 10.1 nightlies


If like me your Android devices are rooted and running alternate ROMs  then you’ll be sick of downloading 200+MB files everytime an update comes out. If you’re running Cyanogen 10.1 nightlies then you’ll be downloaded these files, well, every night.  CyanDelta Updater is an app that does incremental downloads of your CM 10.1 nightly downloading only 10-20MB of downloads. Download your base nightly, run Cyan Delta to set your base version and you can then auto check for updates on a regular basis and only get incremental downloads.  Much easier, and makes it feasible to do ROM upgrades over 3G or similar.

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  • Julie May 31, 2013, 11:40 pm

    Carbon ROM has been spontaneously rebooting at least once a day. I think I might try CM.

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