This Lightning charging cable also functions as a stand for your iPhone 5

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This Lightning cable from iLoveHandles is $19.95, basically the same as Apple’s Lightning cable.  The Trunk doesn’t look like Apple’s cable though, other than the Lightning connector on one end and the USB connector on the other.  The cable itself is short, thick, and bendable, so you can bend it into a charging stand for your iPhone 5.  You’ll never find it in a tangled ball in the bottom of your gear bag, either.  The Trunk cable is available in white and will begin shipping June 15.  There’s also a microUSB version available for your other Bluetooth device or for Android devices; this cable is available in black only and is also $19.95.

7 thoughts on “This Lightning charging cable also functions as a stand for your iPhone 5”

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  2. Is the lightning connector strong enough to hold up an iPhone at an angle like in the second pic? Apart from that doubt, this is an awesome idea.

  3. Just imagine the tensions in the connector while the phone is installed in a car that goes over some bumps.

    Broken lightning inside your phone? I thought so.

  4. Assuming the lightning connector will hold, what about the power adapter plugged in to the wall? I’d be skittish letting something like that “hold up” my $phone$. At the very least, the weight of it it might pry the prongs out enough so it wont change.

    The car adapter spooks me, too. What’s to keep it from rotating left or right?

    I’m thinking a dock is just a more practical idea…

  5. Well, some people expressed doubt, but I say all the potential issues can be remedied with a roll of duct tape 🙂

    Seriously, I think this thing have great potential. I have a speaker dock by Philips and while it has a back rest for the phone, the lightning dock alone seems strong enough to support the iPhone. I am no engineer but I figure this thing may work pretty well, and will solve my charging problem in the car as well as docking elegantly. I do wish it comes in different length or extension as I would love to have it higher for navigation. I am getting one.

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