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aXbo Sleepphase Alarm Clock

A couple of years ago, I reviewed the Innovative Sleep Solutions Sleeptracker watch. This watch claimed to wake a person up at the optimal time in his or her sleep cycle, causing the person to awake refreshed and ready to face their day. Unfortunately, the watch didn’t work well for me and I have continued to bury my head under the covers every morning when my evil alarm clock rings. Since that review, I’ve kept an interest in these types of devices and was happy to try again when the folks at aXbo offered their Sleepphase alarm clock for review.

iwave cube Portable Microwave

I don’t know about all of you, but the first thing I do after getting seated on a flight is to open the seat back pocket to find the latest issue of the Skymall catalog. I didn’t change that habit on my last trip when I went out to San Francisco for MacWorld Expo. One of the more interesting items that I saw in the catalog was the tiny iwave cube portable microwave from icube designs. Coincidently, a few days after returning from the trip, I was contacted asking if I might like to review this mini appliance. Of course I said yes. Let’s take a look…

Ziszor Portable Handheld Paper Shredder

Are you worried about identity theft? Don’t want anyone reading your mail or papers after you’ve trashed them? Then a paper shredder is probably an appliance that you could benefit from owning. The shredder that is the subject of this review isn’t your typical trash can mounted device. This one is a battery operated handheld unit called the Ziszor.

Zibra Open It! review

It’s probably no surprise when I tell you that I get a lot of products in the mail each week. With the receiving of these products, comes the task of opening the package that they were shipped in. More often than not, these products come encased in clear plastic sealed containers that defy easy opening. Today I want to show you an easy to use inexpensive tool that can help you open those #$@!@ plastic packages with ease. It’s the Zibra Open It!

ReSource Power Station Organizer

My guess is your list of personal gadgets rival Julie’s. With your coveted collection, you probably have a charger for each item and an issue with storing the chargers. If you’re like me, you have a countertop full of phones and charges taking up much-needed counter space. Or, you have trouble remembering to charge your phone. Here to streamline the charging of your devices is the Power Station Organizer by ReSource. The nice folks at X-Treme Geek sent one to me to review.

Twister Tube

How would you like to have your very own tornado? I think I just heard the gadgeteer collective voice saying: Whatchu talkin bout Julie? I’m talking about a very cool device, thingy, gadget called the Twister Tube from Cyclotek. Storm chasers (Hey Mark!) will love this thing. Check it out…

chumby Internet Appliance / Clock

My never ending quest to find the world’s coolest and most feature loaded clock recently led me to the chumby. What the heck is a chumby you ask? It’s a small touch screen device that functions as a clock and also displays information from the web such as news, stocks, photos and more by connecting to the internet via WiFi. At the time of this writing, the chumby is not yet selling to the public. I was lucky enough to get on a list to buy one of the first 50 units that were available. That means that it is possible that some features and hardware details may change in the production version of this product that should be available before the end of the year. With that said, let’s take a look at this cool little device.

Coast LED Lenser LED Lantern (TT7105CP)

Although I’ve never been camping in my life, I seem to have an unnatural fetish for outdoor gear like pocket knives, compasses and flashlights. I enjoy going into stores like Dick’s Sporting Goods and spending time looking at all their gear. If you prefer online browsing, a store that specializes in knives and flashlights is Discount LED Lights and Knives. In the past, they have sent me several LED flashlights to review and the most recent product that I’ve had the opportunity to try out is the Coast LED Lenser TT7105 LED Lantern. While I didn’t get a chance to test this product on an actual camping trip, I did test it a couple of times during my version of a ‘roughing it’ activity… power failures at home ;o)

Nellie’s Dryerballs

A new marketing trend is to promote organic, natural, or green-friendly products. I don’t know if you have noticed, but these items can be pricey. I am not a slave to overpriced trends, but I do believe in making eco-friendly decisions that are within my budget. If there is a product that will prevent my kids’ exposure to chemicals, then I am willing to use it. Nellie’s Laundry Products are touted as providing natural solutions to consumers and saving time & money. When I saw these dog-looking-chew-toys being promoted, I wanted to see if they would work. Julie asked for a sample and Nellie’s quickly sent two sets to The Gadgeteer Team.

Swann Digital Private Eye

A security system for your home can be very expensive to install and difficult to operate. For those of you that have a do-it-yourself attitude, you can buy kits and wire the system on your own, to save a lot of money. But, if you just want a quick and dirty method of monitoring an area, one solution to consider is the Swann Digital Private Eye.