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HoMedics QUAD-Roller Massaging Cushion

I’m lucky in the fact that I don’t have a problem with back pain (I’m knocking on wood as I say that…). However, I happen to know four people close to me that do: my Dad, my roommate Jeanne, her brother, and Judie’s husband Steve. For them, anything that might help alleviate their pain, would …

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ScoopFree Automatic Cat Litter Box

I’m a cat person, who turned into a dog person, and who is now a dog person trapped inside a cat person’s body. I know that was kinda hard to follow, so let me try to explain… When I was a kid, I was 100% a cat person. This is probably because we never had a dog the whole time I was growing up. We had a big Black and Grey tiger striped cat named Pepper. He was an outdoor cat that only came
inside to eat and hang out. At night, he went right back outside; we
didn’t have a litter box for him in the house.

C.I.D. Colored LCD Clock Review

In my never ending search for the ultimate cool clock, I have stumbled upon the C.I.D Colored LCD Clock from Brando’s Watch site. From the description on his site, this time keeper appeared to be right up my alley. Funky, small and chunky. My 3 favorite adjectives when it comes to describing almost any gadget. …

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Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock Review

My search for the ultimate alarm clock has led me to American Innovative’s Neverlate 7-day Alarm Clock. Although this clock radio was designed with the busy college student in mind, I thought it might have the right set of features to earn a permanent spot on my bedside table. As the name implies, this clock …

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CORDination Station PRO Series 1 Review

It is a known fact that home office floors are the perfect environment for spaghetti breeding grounds. Not Italian spaghetti, but cable spaghetti! Just look under your desk and you’ll see exactly what I mean. Need a real example? Then check out these pictures of just a few of the items that I have in …

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Hot and Cold Personal Fridge Review

Product Requirements: A DC cigar lighter / power port or a DC converter (for home/office use) Can you remember back when the first (somewhat) affordable portable travel coolers came out? Sized like conventional ice chests, these devices would keep food and beverages either hot or cold by using a vehicle’s DC power port. At the …

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LavNav Motion Activated Toilet Night Light Review

Product Requirements: Two AA batteries, a clean toilet lid This is one of those products I truly wish that I could have invented. It is amazingly brilliant, simple to operate, does what it says, makes no mistakes, and it serves a higher purpose. I bet that this gadget could even save a marriage…seriously. Without further …

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