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Keyboards. A recent poll shockingly suggests that nearly half of personal computer users own one, and fully two-thirds of that group use them to type stuff. Are you in this elite group? Are you looking for a (spoilers) solid, quiet keyboard with an ominous red glow attached? Let’s talk about the Cherry MX Board 6.0… Read More

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From allergens to smelly pets (or kids), we could all use a little fresh air now and then.  I’m one of those “misses work” type allergy sufferers. I’ve spent a lot of money over the years in an effort to get some relief, especially when I’m home and out of the deadly winds of the… Read More

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Writing this review really has been a journey for me. You see, I am someone who frequently loses small (and medium, and large) items with frightening regularity. This is why I rely on a scientifically proven system of “leaving things wherever I might be when I decided I no longer need them and hoping I… Read More

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So, I’m a music guy. I like listening to music, writing music, talking about music, sharing music, and (other present imperfect continuous verbs) music. The SAMSON QH4 is a bit of a multitool for people like me. I can plug a few pairs of headphones into it, and share my music with friends. I can mix on… Read More

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I’m going to buck a trend here and say that getting older, by and large, does not suck as much as I was led to believe.  I’m 32 and while half of my readers will be saying something akin to, “Old? That’s not old! I’m old! That young sapling is talking foolishness again!”, it’s nevertheless… Read More

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Rx Locker Review

We’re living in the future.  While cancer has yet to be eradicated, many medical conditions which would have meant either a lifetime of pain or even death to people not so long ago are treated by medications developed over the last hundred years.   Me? After an incident when I was 16, I was left with… Read More

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I use my iPhone a lot.  I mean really a lot. You know how much you use your iPhone? Well I use mine more.  I’ve got a bunch of great ways to keep my iPhone charged.  Let’s see if the Newer Technology NuPower Charge & Sync+ will join my charging army. I purchase iPhone cables… Read More

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The iPhone certainly is a unique gaming platform.  Combining a reasonably powerful graphics processor, a very accurate accelerometer and a built-in camera, the iPhone offers opportunities for creating games that were just not possible before.  Felwig Software’s Snap ‘n Tap is one of these games, but is it fun? The idea behind Snap ‘n Tap… Read More


When Julie asked me to review the Matte for Men line of skin care products, I jumped at the chance.   After all, I’m a man and I have skin so I satisfy both of the system requirements.  Add into that a search over the last 18 years for skin care products that would spare me… Read More


There are certain iPhone applications that seem to exist to solve a non-existent problem. To me, Electric Pocket’s PhoneFace is one of these. Can’t seem to remember the name of the person you are trying to contact? Dang! Did you take the time to take a photo of this person and add it to your… Read More

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We love our electronics, don’t we? I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have, at the very least, a notebook computer and an MP3 player.  Most of  my friends add in an iPhone or other smartphone.   I, personally, have always used Invisible Shield products for my more important electronics and have gotten quite good at applying them… Read More

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Have you ever really listened to your favorite music?  Most of you either answered yes or know where I’m going and are rolling your eyes.  To those of you in the latter group, I know you’ve been here before so I’ll make my intro nice and short.   If you do not have a good… Read More

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