Save water with a pebble in your shower

I try to be aware of my impact on the environment. I recycle as much as possible and recently installed a programmable thermostat. I’ve often wondered how much water I use every morning when I take a shower. The Waterpebble is a nifty little device that can help you keep your water consumption at acceptable levels. Just place it in your tub or bottom of your shower stall and it will indicate, via a flashing LED light when to finish showering. It starts out by flashing Green, then changes to Amber when you’re halfway through the shower. It finally ends at Red when you should stop. Each time you shower the device will  automatically reduce your showering time by a tiny bit to help you save water without needing to think about it. It appears that they are currently only available in the UK for £5.31 ($8) at Dry

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4 thoughts on “Save water with a pebble in your shower”

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  2. Donald Schoengold

    A timer would work just as well and you could use it for other things – such as timing how long you brush your teeth.


  3. If you want to save water, don’t run the water while you are soaping and scrubbing. Turn it on to get wet and to rinse off.

    And when you do have the water on, turn it on hard enough to do the job, not enough to provide a massage.

  4. I recommend a shower radio, if you’re worried about timing – the type that tunes into radio stations. The time for one song, these days, is enough time to lather up and rinse if you’re just going in there to get clean.

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