WinCE Suit Neoprene Case Review

The WinCE Suit by MarWare is a neoprene zippered case that fits quite a few clamshell type PDAs.: Casio Cassiopeia, Casio A-20 Compaq Companion Hitachi HP 320 LX, HP 360 LX LG Phenom GP40M Mobile Pro, Mobile Pro 700 Philips Velo 1, Philips Velo 500 Sharp Mobilon HC-4500 PSION Series 5, PSION 3c, PSION 3a […]

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Targus PalmPilot Case Review

The Targus PalmPilot case is a black leather case designed to fit the PalmPilot, Palm III, and IBM WorkPad. This case is constructed with the usual Targus quality: strong stitching, stiff leather, and overall good construction. It has the Targus logo on the front, and the inside has a smooth nylon lining.The first thing I

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Palm OS Database Comparison Review

The PalmPilot is a perfect information gathering/lookup device. A good way to take advantage of this fact is with a database program. Databases let you collect and view data.  There are several available ranging from freeware to commercial. I’ll be reviewing all of them. Let me know if I have overlooked any other database programs.

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