Vaja Palm IIIc Sync-able Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Palm IIIc

The Palm IIIc Sync-able Case from Vaja is a quality all leather, no
Velcro case that comes in both a belt clip and non-belt clip version. Like other
Vaja cases, they come in a nice variety of color combinations. You can get this
case in Black Ostrich, Brown Alligator, Black Alligator, Brown Leather, Black
Leather, Green Leather with Dark Tan
Leather, Tan Ostrich with Black Leather, and Brown Ostrich. My review is of the
Green Leather with Dark Tan Leather version. You can also have the case personalized with your
name or logo for an additional charge.

The Palm IIIc Sync-able Case is just that, sync-able. You don’t have to
remove it from the case in order to dock it in the hotsync cradle to sync to
your computer.
Unlike some Palm V/Vx sync-able cases that require a break-in period for them
to sync easily, this case syncs the first time with absolutely no problems. I
think the
hotsync connector on the Palm IIIc cradle has a better “grab” to it
than the Palm V/Vx cradle connector.

The leather used on this case is first rate. It’s thicker than most similar
styled cases: 3.375 x 5.375 x 1.25in (8.57 x 13.65 x 3.18cm). The case is padded on the front and back.
The only part of the case that doesn’t have thick leather is the part
surrounding the hotsync port. The flip cover is
padded and stiffened with an ABS plastic insert. On the inside of the flip cover
there are 3 business card slots and one larger slot behind them. The cover is held closed
with magnets instead of Velcro. I really like this method of closure. No more
“rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrip!” noise every time you open your case to use
your PDA.  The magnets work really well at holding the flip cover closed. I
have not had any problems with the cover coming open accidentally. One thing to
consider though about the magnets is that you should not put credit cards or
other cards with magnetic strips in the card slots. The magnets in the flip
cover can ruin these cards. The inside of the flip cover is also embossed with a
Graffiti reference chart which can come in handy when you can’t remember how to
draw a character.

The Palm IIIc slides into the case and is held firmly without the use of
Velcro. The case is lined with soft leather. Not satin or other material. Once
you put the Palm IIIc in the case, you really don’t need to remove it since you
can sync and charge batteries while in the case. There are cutouts for the
hardware buttons, charger indicator LED and reset switch. The IR port and stylus
are still easily accessed while the Palm IIIc is in the case. The button cutouts
are lined up perfectly which allows you to use them without any problems.

The belt clip version of this case uses a metal stud to lock into the belt
clip. The stud sticks out of the case less than .25in (.64cm). The belt clip
allows the case to swivel 360 degrees on the clip. This makes the case more
comfortable to wear while you are sitting because you can turn the case sideways
on your belt.

Everything about this case is pretty much perfect. I can’t find anything to
complain about. The workmanship and materials are excellent. The case is more
expensive than other similar cases. But, with the Vaja, you get what you pay
for. A quality case that looks great and protects your PDA. Right now, it is my
favorite Palm IIIc case.


Price: $69.90

No Velcro
Can sync and charge while in the case
Four card slots

Can’t use credit cards with magnetic strips in the cards slots
Hotsync port not protected


Product Information

  • No Velcro
  • Can sync and charge while in the case
  • Four card slots
  • Can't use credit cards with magnetic strips in the cards slots
  • Hotsync port not protected

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