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You always hear that leaving your toothbrush out in the open in the bathroom exposes it to germy spray each time the toilet is flushed.  The charging stand of the TAO Clean toothbrush not only protects the brush from spray, it has a UV light to sanitize the toothbrush as it charges.  The ultrasonic toothbrush [...]

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A while ago, I told you about the Dopp kit full of wet shaving gear I put together for my husband so he didn't have to resort to horrible disposable razors and canned shaving cream when he traveled.  If that kit inspired you to want to give wet shaving a try but you don't even [...]

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I know some people have a lot of trouble with frizzy, static-y hair.  Despite my limp, fine hair, even I have trouble with static in the winter.  Hammacher Schlemmer has a hairbrush they say will reduce frizzy and flyaway hair.  The Anti-Static Ionic Hairbrush "emits negative ions that counteract the causes of static and frizz [...]

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Do you use a Clarisonic or similar facial and skin-cleaning system?  Do you ever wonder what's growing on your brushes after a few uses?  Replacement brushes are expensive, so you can use them once and toss them, so you need a good way to disinfect them.  The Facial Cleansing Brush Germ Eliminator uses ultraviolet light to [...]

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I've mentioned before that my husband shaves with a vintage double-edged razor, and that I created a kit with his shaving gear and other toiletries for when he travels.  (Check the links at the end of this review to read more about his travel kit.)  In the past, men had elaborate travel kits with fittings [...]

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If you're using those multi-blade cartridges to shave, you know how expensive they can be.  Wouldn't it be nice to be able to get more smooth, comfortable shaves from each cartridge?  The Blade Buddy promises that it will keep your blades sharp for months, greatly extending the number of shaves you get from each cartridge [...]

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I told you about the travel kit I put together for my husband who wet-shaves with vintage double-edged razors in a previous post (see links at the end of this post).  His kit is loaded with all of the luxuries of home, but it's big and heavy and takes a lot of room in his [...]

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A few months ago, I told you about the luxurious travel kit I had assembled for my husband after he discovered wet-shaving with vintage razors.  Whether you use vintage razors or new ones, you need a case to protect it in your Dopp kit, and Waterfield has introduced a nice-looking Razor Case that could be [...]

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Last week, we told you about the Pearl: Compact Mirror & USB Rechargeable Battery that was seeking funding on Kickstarter.  Soon after our post went live, Kickstarter suspended the project because of a  DMCA copyright infringement claim. Daniel Chin of HYPER by Sanho Corporation, says: "It was a ridiculous, unfounded and fraudulent claim which Kickstarter did [...]

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When you have a lot of gear to carry around, you want to make sure you don't carry anything you don't really need.  If you're like me, you weigh the merits carefully before deciding you're willing to lug that particular piece of equipment around every day.  What if you could combine two necessary items into [...]

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My husband discovered the joys of shaving with vintage double-edged razors and warm shaving cream a few years ago.  He uses an old Gillette "Fat Boy" razor older than he is with Gillette 7 O'clock double-edge blades, and his skin has never been better.  His beard, which used to literally shred the collars of his shirts [...]

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Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody comes along with something like this...  The Selfie Brush for iPhone 5/5s holds your phone while you snap a selfie, after first brushing your hair to look your best, of course.  This paddle-style brush works as a protective phone case, too, so you can make calls, [...]

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Drying and styling your hair will be quicker with these new QuikStyle Brushes from Goody.  Instead of natural or plastic bristles, these brushes incorporate microfiber "bristles" with some stiffer, detangler bristles.  The microfiber bristles are antimicrobial to keep the brush fresh and free of mold and musty smells.  The brush is lightweight and the handle is [...]

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LUNA Mini Foreo

Perhaps one of the most important beauty/maintenance regimens you can do is taking care of the skin on your face.  Everyone is prone to the occasional breakout due to clogged pores or bacteria buildup.  The Luna Mini is a skincare device that utilizes "sonic pulsations" to break up the bacteria, oil, and makeup that cause breakouts, [...]

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The Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer doesn't use a laser to actually cut the hair, but it does have a pop-up attachment that shines a laser guideline on your face for straight edging of the beard.  (This is a Class 1 laser, so it's safe for the eyes.)  It has 17 length adjustments that lock [...]

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I hate my hair.  Words cannot describe how much I detest my thin, sparse hair.  I've never been able to grow it to my satisfaction but now it just looks awful.  If I grew it long I would look like a crazy radiation victim.  So what do I do?  I shave my head.  This is [...]

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Okay, this looks like a tragedy waiting to happen, but Hammacher Schlemmer is offering a device that is designed to let you cut your own hair.  The Single Handed Barber uses a "rotary cutting system and razor-sharp stainless steel blades" to cut your close-cropped hair as you move the device over your head in a [...]

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I shave my face daily and the top of my head weekly. That is about it when it comes to personal grooming (although my wife might argue that my ear hair should be attended to more often). Add in the fact that occasionally I have to be away on travel for extended periods of time, [...]

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