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My husband discovered the joys of shaving with vintage double-edged razors and warm shaving cream a few years ago.  He uses an old Gillette "Fat Boy" razor older than he is with Gillette 7 O'clock double-edge blades, and his skin has never been better.  His beard, which used to literally shred the collars of his shirts [...]

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Just when you think you've seen it all, somebody comes along with something like this...  The Selfie Brush for iPhone 5/5s holds your phone while you snap a selfie, after first brushing your hair to look your best, of course.  This paddle-style brush works as a protective phone case, too, so you can make calls, [...]

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Drying and styling your hair will be quicker with these new QuikStyle Brushes from Goody.  Instead of natural or plastic bristles, these brushes incorporate microfiber "bristles" with some stiffer, detangler bristles.  The microfiber bristles are antimicrobial to keep the brush fresh and free of mold and musty smells.  The brush is lightweight and the handle is [...]

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LUNA Mini Foreo

Perhaps one of the most important beauty/maintenance regimens you can do is taking care of the skin on your face.  Everyone is prone to the occasional breakout due to clogged pores or bacteria buildup.  The Luna Mini is a skincare device that utilizes "sonic pulsations" to break up the bacteria, oil, and makeup that cause breakouts, [...]

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The Philips Norelco BT9285/41 9100 Beard Trimmer doesn't use a laser to actually cut the hair, but it does have a pop-up attachment that shines a laser guideline on your face for straight edging of the beard.  (This is a Class 1 laser, so it's safe for the eyes.)  It has 17 length adjustments that lock [...]

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Everybody wants to look their best, and gadget-loving guys like to use gadgets to help them look good.  There are a lot of grooming gadgets out there, and they don't always work as advertised, so a little guidance as to what's best is always welcome.  Faveable has compiled a list of the top gadget's that [...]

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Okay, this looks like a tragedy waiting to happen, but Hammacher Schlemmer is offering a device that is designed to let you cut your own hair.  The Single Handed Barber uses a "rotary cutting system and razor-sharp stainless steel blades" to cut your close-cropped hair as you move the device over your head in a [...]

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I shave my face daily and the top of my head weekly. That is about it when it comes to personal grooming (although my wife might argue that my ear hair should be attended to more often). Add in the fact that occasionally I have to be away on travel for extended periods of time, [...]

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