Dry your hair as you brush it with this Goody hairbrush

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Drying and styling your hair will be quicker with these new QuikStyle Brushes from Goody.  Instead of natural or plastic bristles, these brushes incorporate microfiber “bristles” with some stiffer, detangler bristles.  The microfiber bristles are antimicrobial to keep the brush fresh and free of mold and musty smells.  The brush is lightweight and the handle is ergonomic to keep your hands from getting tired while you style.  The side of the brush has vents that allow heated air from the hair dryer to pass through to your hair.  This improved air flow, combined with the microfiber bristles’ ability to absorb up to 30% of the water in your hair, speeding up the time it takes to do your hair.

The QuikStyle brushes are available in a flat paddle style or in a half-round style.  Check Goody‘s site for retailers.  The brushes vary in price depending on the seller, but Target had the lowest price I saw – under $7 for each brush.

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5 thoughts on “Dry your hair as you brush it with this Goody hairbrush”

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  2. I wish I had the thick, long hair of my youth so I could justify this.

    But my hair has thinned out in old age and I keep it “Dame Judy Dench” short.

  3. My daughter has a microfiber towel with one end sewn together in half so she can put it on her head and twist it and then tuck the other end into a loop. It remove most water from her hair.

    I don’t think the brush here would work any where nearly as well. There is very little microfiber material to absorb the water, and not a lot of surface area to dry it quickly. All the antimicrobial I seen on clothes only work for a limited number of use, and for a wet hair brush like that, I wonder how long it will be before it smells.

    It seems like a microfiber towel is a much better solution as it provides more material and surface area to dry the hair, and you can throw it into a washer.

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