Keep your blades sharpened for a better shave

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If you’re using those multi-blade cartridges to shave, you know how expensive they can be.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to get more smooth, comfortable shaves from each cartridge?  The Blade Buddy promises that it will keep your blades sharp for months, greatly extending the number of shaves you get from each cartridge to reduce the cost and the waste associated with shaving and promising to protect your skin from nicks, cuts, razor burn and ingrown hairs.  The Blade Buddy is a patented blade sharpener with a micro-honing, grooved surface that works with modern cartridges used in men’s or women’s razors.

The Blade Buddy is available at Amazon in aqua, black, blue, or white for about $18 to $20, depending on the actual seller.

2 thoughts on “Keep your blades sharpened for a better shave”

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  2. I’ve been stropping my multiblade razor on my dry arm once a week and don’t recall the last time I changed it (a couple years at least of daily use). Doing it on jeans material apparently works too. In either case (and also for the above device, based on the arrows visible) you push the razor in the opposite direction from when you shave. And make sure it is stored in a way that the blades dry after use.

  3. After 20 years of wet shaving I finally moved over to dry shaving and my skin feels all the better for it so I won’t need this product. As Betty mentioned, jeans work fine for stropping and ensuring the blade dries is critical to longevity!

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