The smallest OTG adapter in the universe


If you own an Android device and know what OTG is, give yourself a +1 geek credit. If you don’t know what OTG, it stands for On The Go and it’s a very easy way to use full sized mice, keyboards and flash drives with your Android devices. OTG cables and adapters are easy to find, but this Nano microUSB OTG Adapter from Brando is the smallest one you’re going to find. The adapter actually fits inside the full sized USB connector attached to the device that you want to use with your Android device. Slide the nano adapter into the USB connector and then plug the micro USB connector into your device. That’s all you have to do to enjoy full sized peripherals. It’s truly plug and play. If you are obsessed with making your EDC (Everyday Carry) as small and functional as possible, I think this adapter is the perfect addition to your kit. You can buy the Nano microUSB OTG Adapter from Brando for $10. It’s available now.

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