A travel shaver for the man who likes to travel ultra-light


I told you about the travel kit I put together for my husband who wet-shaves with vintage double-edged razors in a previous post (see links at the end of this post).  His kit is loaded with all of the luxuries of home, but it’s big and heavy and takes a lot of room in his suitcase.  It’s not for the man who likes to travel light and who only carries items that do double duty.  If you are a minimalist, you might be more interested in the Mini USB Travel Razor Shaver Windproof Cigarette Cigar Lighter than in a bulky kit like my husband’s.

This travel razor/cigarette lighter is about the size of a lipstick (there’s that word again!), and it is powered by a USB-rechargeable battery instead of flammable fuel.  The lighter is flameless, so it’s windproof.  The electric shaver has a single “floating head”-type razor that’s protected with an attached cover until you need it.

I don’t know how well this will work as a shaver, but it will certainly fit the bill as a minimalist, multi-purpose travel device.  The Mini USB Travel Razor Shaver Windproof Cigarette Cigar Lighter is available from the missjun2010 shop at eBay for $9.99.  Shipping is $0.99 for an ePacket from Hong Kong.

2 thoughts on “A travel shaver for the man who likes to travel ultra-light”

  1. Looks dangerous and somewhat disgusting (putting the cigarette lighter under your nose, first thing in the morning?!?)

    Try one of the Merkur travel razors instead, there are models with both a bar and open comb:


    Together with a travel brush that unscrews and is stored inside its own handle and a stick shaving soap, you get a really nice shave in a compact kit.

  2. I don’t smoke, but this does look like a nice, compact travel item. Wondering how the cigar/cigarette lighter would fare when trying to pass through airport security.

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