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A company called Bling My Thing makes smartphone cases, many decorated with Swarovski Elements crystals.  These are very attractive cases - but what if you get bored with your accessories quickly?  For those people who do like frequent change, or perhaps can't find just the design they want, Bling My Thing is introducing the UBling! [...]

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Want to wrap your iPhone like a mummy?  Loop Attachment's The Mummy does just that but with silicone bandage straps.  It comes in a wide selection of colors: Neon green, red, graphite, magenta, powder blue, neon blue, orange, purple, black and white.  The back of The Mummy can also be used as a credit card [...]

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The bottom of the vonCase - sturdy, but it'll keep you disconnected from docks.

VonCase. These American-designed and -built cases are anodized aircraft-grade aluminum cages that suspend your iPhone 4 or 4s in an open cage of design. They make a striking statement whenever they are used.

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With the OUTRIDE case and app from mophie, you can turn your iPhone 4/4S into a sports action camera.  The OUTRIDE case is waterproof and impact-resistant, and it comes with a variety of modular quick-release mounts so you can use it for capturing a variety of sports.  The case has an integrated 170-degree wide-angle lens [...]

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Smartphones.  Useful, expensive, and indispensible.  An entire secondary market has arisen to provide smartphone accessories, the most prolific being protection devices.  Cases, skins, covers - there seem to be almost as many of them as there are users of smartphones, and they serve purposes ranging from fashion to actual hard-core protection.  The Trident Kraken AMS Case falls into [...]

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The Digipower FM-CS100 2-in-1 Bumper Case with Built-in FM Transmitter protects your iPhone 4/4S and lets you transmit sound wirelessly to any FM radio.  The FM transmitter is built-in to the polycarbonate and silicone bumper-style case, and it works with worldwide adjustable frequencies.  With the case, you can charge your iPhone and a second device [...]

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...Wookiees are known to do that, you know.  And so might the coolness of these Star Wars iPhone cases from PowerA.  Officially licensed, four of these six new cases have been designed in the likeness of some of the most iconic charactes in pop culture history: Darth Vader, C-3PO, R2-D2 and Chewbacca.  Molded-in, realistic details provide rich texture [...]

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Fits comfortably, traditional styling and a cool place to hide business cards or debit cards.

I get that a lot of  iOwners like the brightly colored cases for the iPads or iPhones or what have you.  But the iGadgets aren't just for one particular demographic anymore.  For those who prefer more classic styling, Pad and Quill offer tasteful cases, hand-tailored and fitted especially for iPad and iPhone. Pad and Quill is [...]

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I love cases, covers, and bags more than most people, but I require a lot from any case or cover.  They can't just look nice and offer protection.  They have to also not detract from the looks of the gadget, and they need to either add no bulk or weight or have some fabulous feature [...]

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Musubo has a line of iPhone accessories inspired by Tokyo street fashion, and they are now available in the US at Amazon, GoWireless, and Wireless Zone.  On the left is the MatchBook Pro case for iPhone 4/4S.  It's made of polycarbonate and features a built-in kickstand that looks like a row of matchsticks.  The match [...]

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Did you ever play with a Magna Doodle when you were younger?  You can relive your youth with the iFoolish Magic Drawing Case for iPhone 4/4S from Basic Principals.  The case is made from a coated polycarbonate, and it offers some protection with the fun.  The back of the case has a 3.7" drawing board [...]

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In the spirit of Act of Valor and all things tactical is the Magpul Field Case for iPhone. Made from the same synthetic rubber as the original Magpul loop, a weapon magazine made from a proprietary polymer known for its reliability and durability, the Field Case is a semi-rigid cover for your iPhone that provides protection [...]

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This IP58-certified Keystone ECO MarineCase from Concord Keystone protects the iPhone 4/4S from snow, rain, dust and sand.  You can use the iPhone through the clear silicone membrane on the front of the case to make calls, surf, check emails, and the like.  You can also take non-flash pictures and videos, even underwater, through the [...]

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Most of you might know of Incipio.  They make great accessories and amazing cases for most of the popular mobile devices and electronics.  They have a great case for the iPhone 4/4S called Le Deux.  It's a hybrid case made up of a polycarbonate frame and a brushed stainless steel backing.  The polycarbonate frame will [...]

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Flicker Interactive has taken a two-pronged approach to standing out in the iPhone case landscape. Built into the back face are little "ears" that stick out to provide space for winding the cord of your earbuds around. The handles also serve to hold the iPhone in landscape mode for interactive gaming.

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So you just got yourself a brand new iPhone 4S, and now you’re looking for that one perfect case that will help protect it but also make it stylish at the same time.  I’ve tried many different cases for my iPhone 4S, and none has come close to my ideal case other than the BookBook [...]

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I don't know enough about Star Wars to make lots of witty remarks about Han Solo and Jabba the Hutt, but you might like this iPhone 4/4S case if you do.  The Han Solo in Carbonite case is from zazzle.  They start with a Speck Fitted Hard Shell Case for iPhone 4/4S and add a [...]

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Here's a case for those who can't carry their iPhone 4 or 4S close enough to their...  umm, let's go with heart...  The EXO7 Belt Buckle and Holster for iPhone 4/4S can either clip onto your belt (or in a pocket) or can replace your standard belt buckle.  The case is machined of either solid [...]

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Here's another iPhone case project from Kickstarter.  The Quad Lock system from Annex Products consists of a polycarbonate case for your iPhone 4 or 4S and a series of gear-like mounts that allow you to attach your device to the wall, in your car, on your bike handlebars...  For a pledge of $25, you'll receive [...]

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The iPhone 4 has a pretty good camera, so you can get some nice shots.  But you've got to admit, it can be a bit slippery to hold while you're taking a picture.  It's also too narrow to sit on its own, so you can't set it on the table to steady the camera, and [...]

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