iPhone Case

Smart Phones....They have become a way of life for most of us. I don't think anyone can imagine going back to the old "dumb phones" that did just the basics of making a phone call. But those old dumb single purpose phones had one thing that none of today's smart phones seem to have; Battery… Read More

Although I ultimately decided that I would not pursue using an iPhone 7 as my daily driver smartphone, I'm still a little bummed about one thing... All the really nice cases that are always available for iPhones. iPhones definitely get more love from case makers than Android phones which isn't really surprising given that there… Read More

You just spent mega money on Apple's newest and most bestest iPhone ever and now you need to buy a worthy case to protect it. You don't want to settle on a plastic case with a laughable price tag of $10 do you? That would be so wrong when you can be the envy of your… Read More

Wallet phone cases have been around for a while. Not the slip-a-few-cards-in-the-back cases, but the fold-over, cover-the-screen type wallet cases. Most have an elastic band to hold them closed, but they are all fraught with difficulties, not the least of which is holding your entire wallet up to your ear during a phone call. Enter… Read More

I have just had the opportunity to review a second Burkley case. That's an unusually generous offer from the Burkley folks, and there is a paragraph later, for those who are interested, about why that should be. How do I like it? How does it fit the iPhone 6s? Let's see. A colleague of mine who… Read More

I'm happy with Android and haven't used an iPhone as my main phone for years. But dang it if these new leather and wood iPhone cases from tmbr. don't make me seriously think about switching back. These cases combine two of my favorite natural materials: wood and leather. They are available for the iPhone 6… Read More

Ah, leather! Such a nice feel, and so easy on the eyes. I have always preferred it to the various synthetics. I especially like the finishes that are less polished and lend themselves to natural wear and "character building." Recently, Mujjo has expanded their line of cases to include Apple's newest iPhones, and they offered… Read More

Although the battery life on phones has gotten better, there are times I still find the need to charge my iPhone on the fly. In general, I do not keep a charging case on my phone mainly because of the added weight and size. There is a company out there that not only makes a case… Read More

It's no secret that I love my iPhone cases. Whether it is a bumper or full body, being able to customize my phone to look different than others while protecting it is just something I enjoy. So when X-Doria asked about reviewing one of their cases, I battled back and forth before choosing their X-Doria… Read More

As phones are getting sleeker, slimmer, and wider, they are also becoming more difficult not to drop. Trying to operate your phone with one hand can be a perilous task that ends in disaster.  Previously, the solution was to outfit your phone with a protective case, adding bulk and hiding the manufacturer’s intended aesthetic. Enter… Read More

A while back I reviewed the Mod-3 Radius case for the iPhone 5.  It was a crazy cool minimal case that protected all corners with a simple x-shaped frame.  Now Mod-3 is introducing a new version for the iPhone 6s and 6s+ called the Alt. Unlike the Radius, the Alt is constructed of a soft-touch… Read More

I love the ability to customize my iPhone with different phone cases. Normally, I stick to full body cases, since they provide the most protection and (usually) style. The drawback? You spend however much on your thin gold (or other colored) iPhone only to smother it in a bulky case to have enough protection. The… Read More

If you love the look of rich marble, but you don't like the faux marble look, you're usually limited to using marble in your house.  Now you can also use real marble in these MIKOL cases for your MacBook, iPad, or iPhone 6/6 Plus.  The iPhone cases incorporate a piece of natural marble in the… Read More

The Backhand Rider cases from Kimovations will get your motor running as you head out on the highway (sorry, I couldn't resist). They are wearable phone cases that can hold most 5 inch long smartphones including the iPhone 4, 5s, Samsung S4 mini Moto E, Samsung Prevail and more. These cases have been designed to… Read More

I had a mophie juice pack air (I hate when products and companies use lower-case names, but that's how they spell it) for my iPhone 5.  I loved having it on my phone, because I didn't have to worry about running out of power unexpectedly.  My daughter and husband had cases for their iPhones, too… Read More