This iPhone case turns your phone into a Game Boy with physical controls!

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gameboy iphonecase 3

NEWS – Check out this gloriously retro case that puts a Game Boy on the back of your iPhone. Wait, before you click away, this case doesn’t just LOOK like a Game Boy, it IS a real handheld gaming console right down to the color display, 4-way D-pad, and A and B physical controls. This case doesn’t use Game Boy cartridges but it does come with 36 built-in retro games that are clones of Pac Man, Tetris, Mahjong, and so many more. This particular case that I am showing here is available for the iPhone 6 series, up to the current iPhone 13 Pro Max and is priced at $20.99 on Amazon.

gameboy iphonecase 1

gameboy iphonecase 2

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