Lifeproof See Case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro review – Clean lines, slim fit and fun colors make for a great case

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REVIEW – I have to admit that LifeProof has a pretty killer brand name as long as they can continue to keep making products that live up to the name and protect devices as well as they do. This time around we’re taking a look at their See case with MagSafe for iPhone 13 Pro.

What is it?

The Lifeproof See case is a MagSafe compatible protective case that’s made with 45% recycled plastic and it’s available for multiple flavors of iPhone along with a couple of variants of the Samsung Galaxy S21.

What’s in the box?


  • Lifeproof See Case with MagSafe

Hardware specs

  • Works with Apple MagSafe charging system and accessories
  • DropProof
  • Sustainably made from 45% recycled plastic
  • Ultra-thin, one-piece design
  • Dimensions: 6.01″ x 3.05″ x 0.52″ – 1.19oz / 152.70 mm x 77.40 mm x 13.10 mm – 33.6g
  • Drop tested to 6.6 feet / 2 meters

Design and features

The Lifeproof See Case with MagSafe has all the core features you’re likely looking for. Full side protection including button covers and perimeter glass protection with enough height for a glass screen protector if you choose to run one. The front half of the case is a flexible grippy material making the See pretty easy to hold on to.


There are ample cut-outs for the bottom speakers, mic, charging port as well as the mute switch on the side.


There’s a nice high lip around the camera array to make sure they don’t get scratched if you set your phone down on its back which is smooth hard plastic with a very slight texture.


Inside the MagSafe compatible magnet is properly placed.


The Lifeproof brand logo is cleanly placed next to the power button and all buttons are called out in contrasting colors on 3 of the 4 colorways offered including the ‘Anchors Away’ (Grey/Orange) color I received. LPSC 09

Only the black option is full stealth. Here’s what the other 3 options look like.



Step one: Push your phone into place.
Step two: Make sure your mute switch is still in the position you want.
Step three: Go about your business.


LifeProof’s See case with MagSafe gets almost everything right. It’s very easy to install as well as remove, should you need to. All the corners and edges have comfortable shaping making it very hand friendly. The buttons are easy to find and use without looking with a tactile response you’ll like. The mute switch access is pretty good even for larger fingers, and the charge port opening is large enough to handle most oversized cable ends.


The design line that goes around the sides between the two materials is a nice detail. Besides being a clear break for materials during the production process it adds a cool look and helps make the case look thinner.


Should you drop your phone, it’s a good bet that it will survive. The See has been drop tested to 2m which is double the MIL-Spec standard most companies use. The softer material used on the front edges has a good sized lip around the screen and will keep it and even a screen protector from hitting on relatively flat surfaces.

As for the couple things small things worth pointing out (there’s almost always something)…

The lip around the camera lenses will keep them protected, but also keeps the phone from laying totally flat. Not a big deal, but if you like to tap on your screen with a finger while it lays on the table, you’ll notice it for sure.

The texture on the back feels good but can feel slippery. Official MagSafe accessories seem to work fine…


but I am using a fabric covered magnet mount in my car, and did have it pop off over one particularly large bump. I don’t anticipate anyone will have troubles here, but the texture is smooth enough that once the case starts moving, there isn’t enough traction to slow it down.

What I like

  • Sturdy protective design that’s easy to install and remove
  • MagSafe compatible
  • Good button feel
  • Side material has just the right amount of grip

What I’d change

  • Texture and material on back of case is a little slippery
  • Lip around the camera doesn’t let phone lay flat on a table

Final thoughts

The Lifeproof See Case with MagSafe is an easy case to recommend. It fits the iPhone 13 Pro very well and offers stellar protection. The colors are fun and the button action is as good as it gets. I’d personally want the back to have one or two strips of the softer material to add some traction, but it’s a minor quibble and I think I’d be in the minority in that request.

Price: $59.99
Where to buy: Lifeproof and Amazon
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Lifeproof

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  2. How could you forget to say that their magsafe implementation does not include the vertical, stabilizer magnet? This is a very shallow and superficial review.

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