Here’s a 30-in-1 multi-tool gift idea for EDC newbies

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NEWS – The Flextailgear FLEX TOOL 30-in-1 multi-tool is a stocking stuffer idea for new EDC fans on your holiday shopping list. I say new EDC fans because this multi-tool might be more of a novelty than a functional tool. But that’s just a guess on my part only because it has so many built-in functions that I’m not sure how well any of them actually work. You know the saying “jack of all trades, master of none”. The Flextailgear FLEX TOOL 30-in-1 multi-tool features a folding design with a built-in Can and Bottle Opener, Philips Screwdriver,  Standard Metric Ruler, Hex Wrench, Pocket Knife&Saw, Wire Buckle, Pully, Spoke Wrench, knife, and more. Head over to and Amazon for more info and to order one for $29.95. And if you want a real multi-tool that will stand the test of time, be sure and check out our leatherman reviews.

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13 thoughts on “Here’s a 30-in-1 multi-tool gift idea for EDC newbies”

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    1. As a photographer, I have a use for this little pulley system and because of that and a belt loop hook, no pocket clip this little tool is on my list.

        1. At the bottom of my camera tripods is a closed eyelet. The belt loop hook of this multi tool would connect to this eyelet then to the nylon string/cord I carry in my “kit”. This then ties the tripod to the sold ground. I can’t use mini bungee because they stretch.

        2. The carabiner hooks to the eyelet on the bottom of my tripod. I’d use the light nylon cord looped through the pulley then to a solid mount on the ground to “cinch” the tripod to the ground. Another note: the carabiner on this multi tool will hook to an accessory loop on my photo backpack, a belt clip is useless. The little knife will cut the nylon cord, open blister packs, film cans and other little knife stuff.

  2. Montana Channing

    No, if you wanted a real multi-tool, you’d buy an original Swisstool not a “we can’t make up our mind which tools go together” Leatherman.

    1. I enjoy all my Leatherman Multi tools except their weight. I’ll be looking into purchasing one of these to at to my “EDC” every day carry.

      1. The knife looks like it would hurt to use.
        Also, I really hate when multi tools have knives. Apart from them almost always being terrible at knife things, most people carrying multitools would rather (and probably already do) carry a dedicated pocket knife. Also it’s pretty annoying when TSA takes your multitools because it has a tiny unusable knife “blade” you forgot about because it can barely function as a letter opener and not much else.

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