Noreve Apple IPhone 14 Pro case review – Can you see me now?

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noreve cover 4

REVIEW – Last month, my husband and I finally upgraded our iPhone 11 Pro phones to iPhone 14 Pro.  Since July of last year, my case of choice for my old phone was my Noreve iPhone 11 Pro Leather Wallet that I reviewed here.  So I readily volunteered when Noreve asked if anyone wanted to review their new Leather Cover case for the new 14 Pro.  Let’s look at this new case and see how it worked for me.

What is it?

The Noreve Leather Cover Case is a sturdy case made of thermoplastic hand covered by real leather.  It comes in over 15 colors (with some colors other than your basic natural leather colors) and eight different types of leather.

What’s in the box?

noreve cover 1

  • It came in a nice red pouch.
  • The cover is in fluorescent green

Design and features

Noreve was founded and based in Saint-Tropez, France.  Their craftsmen handmake all their phone covers, cases, and wallets.  They use varying types of leather, and you can see their craftsmanship’s quality.  I received the case in the fluorescent green color. In the picture below, you can see a close-up of the inside of the case.  Their logo is stamped into the leather, providing a nice back on which to place your phone.

noreve cover 2

On the bottom of the inside of the case, you can find where they hand-stamped the words ‘Designed in France by Noreve.’

noreve cover 3

The case is very sturdy.  It has some slight flex to it.  The phone pops in with a little resistance, but it stays in place with no wiggling at all. The edges of the case are just above the front glass.  Putting your phone face down on a table will rest on the case edges and not on the phone glass.

noreve cover 4

The phone’s sides are not as well protected as other cases that cover the buttons.  There are large gaps for the volume buttons and mute switch.  I would have preferred if the cutout was not quite so large.

noreve cover 6

To be symmetrical, they made the same size cutout on the phone’s right side for the power switch.  You can see in this picture that the phone appears to be popping out of the top of the case.  I found that the phone would do that if I did not make sure the phone was pressed fully down into the case.  There is no click-type sound to know you are fully inserted.

noreve cover 7

The top and the bottom of the phone have the same size cutouts.  The bottom cutout is to allow for the speakers and charging port.  There really is no need for the cutout at the top except for the designers to try and stay symmetrical.  I have the phone leaning against a battery to take a picture of it standing up.

noreve cover 8

The back of the case is like many other cases for the iPhone 14 series.  There is a large cutout for the camera lenses.  The edge of the case is barely taller than the lenses.  So if you put the phone backside down on a table, it is not resting on the lenses but just barely.

noreve cover 5


This cover is about as simple as it gets for a phone case.  It is well made with real leather and is sturdy feeling.  It is much stiffer than PLU-type cases.   Because the phone does not click into place, you have to ensure the phone is pushed all the way down into the case.  I felt the phone was not as well protected as I would have preferred.   I had to ensure the phone was still flush in the case before putting it face down on a table.  I also did not like the small clearance between the camera lenses and the back of the case.   The sides of the case could have also provided a bit more coverage by completely covering the top edge and covering more of the sides.  Overall, I the case itself is well made and the leather is beautiful.  However, I don’t think this will be my go-to case due to the lack of coverage and not knowing if the phone is locked into place.

What I like

  • Beautiful craftsmanship
  • Lots of color and leather choices

What I’d change

  • Put more coverage on the sides of the phone and the top of the phone
  • Make the case a tiny bit deeper, so the camera lenses are a bit more protected

Final thoughts

The iPhone 14 Pro cover is a beautifully made case.  I love the bright color of the green leather.  However, due to the lack of better coverage on the sides and top of the phone, and that the camera lenses are barely protected by the edge of the case, I will not be using this case as my daily driver.

Price: as configured with the flou-leather $71.31, as low as $67.12 for smooth leather, or as high as $146.82 for Patine leather.
Where to buy: Noreve
Source: The sample of this product was provided by Noreve.

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