I hate winter with a passion. I think snow is pretty to look at from inside a warm house, but I loathe being outdoors when the temperature drops to less than 40 degrees. I usually get my gloves out by the end of October so I can keep my hands warm when I'm going to and from work. Gloves [...]

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The Light Casting Gloves will keep your hands warm this winter.  They have a "wind- and water-resistant outer shell, polyester insulation that keeps hands warm, and a brushed tricot lining that is soft and smooth against hands."  They also have a synthetic leather palm for improving your grip and elastic at the wrist to keep [...]

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Winter is in the air here in Southern Indiana. This morning the temperature was a very chilly 38 F (3 C), which means it's time to break out heavier coats and gloves. When you wear regular gloves, it's impossible to interact with smartphones and other devices that have a capacitive touchscreen. Mujjo has been offering [...]

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Winter is here, and you're probably wearing gloves when you go outside, so you can't answer your ringing phone without removing the gloves.  The Gadgeteer has reported on lots of conductive gloves over the years, but what if you have a pair of gloves you like and want to continue using?  The AnyGlove solution can [...]

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The stretchy eTip Driving gloves from North Face allow use of touch-based screens without baring your fingers to the chill air.

Here in the Northern Hemisphere it's winter, and that means gloves. With touch screens on all those smart phones, tablets, and such, what's a geek to do? Why, get a gadget-friendly pair of gloves, of course! The North Face company, known for outdoor gear of all types, has had a line of gloves for use [...]

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Here's a product for those of you who indulge in sports where you have to wear gloves, like skiing or motorcycle riding, but want to enjoy your music while doing it. (Personally, I've never felt comfortable listening to music while riding a motorcycle.)  The BEARTek Bluetooth glove allows you to control your MP3 player or [...]

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Hicall Glove

If you live in a cold climate, then you'll know the issue of trying to use your capacitive touchscreen on your phone or tablet with gloves on.  The Hi-Call glove from Hi-Fun in Italy fixes that with capacitive threads in the fingertips.  But that's not all!  Integrated into the left glove is a Bluetooth microphone and speaker; using [...]

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Winters here in Southern Indiana can be pretty brutal. Not this year though. Heck, it was 70 degrees on the last day of February. But in general, temps get well below freezing, which means I have to dig out a pair of gloves every morning for my drive to work. Gloves plus a touchscreen phone can equal [...]

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OnTip 3-in-1 Gloves

The winter has arrived and temperatures are dropping across the northern hemisphere. For those of us that live in a cold climate and love our gadgets that means having to take off our gloves to use our touch screen devices, leaving our precious digits exposed to the elements, or does it? A company, by the [...]

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With summer just about here,  you're probably going to be spending at least a little bit of time in the water whether at the beach, lake, or backyard pool.  The Darkfin gloves might be just what you need to cut through the water like, well, a shark. The gloves are made of latex and with [...]

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Here are some more tech-friendly gloves for your consideration.  The Freehands company makes a variety of gloves with finger caps that flip back to free your index finger and thumb tips so you can use your phone, MP3 player, gaming device, or other gadgets without freezing your hands.  Each tip cover has a magnet to [...]

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These Etip Gloves from The North Face have Xstatic conductive fingercaps on the thumbs and index fingers so you'll be able to answer your iPhone or use your capacitive-screen electronics without having to take off your gloves.  There's a grid of silicone dots on the palm, thumb, index, and middle fingers to improve your grip on [...]

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I often complain (some will say whine) about the fact that I can't control my capacitive touch screened smartphone in the Winter months, when I'm wearing gloves. As we know, capacitive touch screens will only work when we touch the screen with our fingers. That's because the human body has a natural bioelectricity in our [...]

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Kombi Sports makes high-performance cold weather gear.  They offer gloves that not only keep your hands warm, but they also allow you to control your iPod.  The gloves feature an integrated wireless iPod remote control with Fibretronics technology, a wireless receiver for your iPod, a goggle wipe, adjustable wrist strap, and a cord lock cinch cuff closure.  The IRIP gloves [...]

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